Experts raise bird flu concerns – Axios

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images
Health experts are closely monitoring the historic spread of H5N1 bird flu across the globe, saying they are concerned about its potential spread to humans.
Be smart: To be clear, U.S. health officials and the WHO say the risk is low.
Yes, but: As birds continue to succumb around the world and some other species become ill — grizzly bears in Montana were euthanized last week after they were found with the disease — experts say the threat can't be written off, Fortune reported.
The big picture: For now, the bird flu has resulted in the deaths of millions of wild birds as well as farm poultry, driving up egg prices, disrupting supply chains and devastating farms, the Wall Street Journal reported.
What they are saying: While the likelihood of human transmission is "very low," if the bird flu were to make a sustained jump to humans, it would signify the start of a "new global influenza pandemic," Rajiv Chowdhury, senior epidemiologist and professor of global health at Florida International University, told Fortune.