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Ever since Brock and the Pewter City Gym challenge, Rock-type Pokémon have had a strong presence in the Pokémon series and these are the most iconic.
Rock types are not one of the big three or four in the realms of Pokémon, but they have certainly had good representation. Brock, Ash's first and most common human traveling companion, was first and foremost the Pewter City Gym Leader and Rock-type specialist. Rock types are also often found in the early stages of games, especially in and around caves.
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Rock-type Pokémon are generally known for their exceptional physical Defense and immunity to Sandstorm damage, but also for their many type weaknesses. These species tend to have all manner of different cool designs that incorporate rough and tough materials into their skin and identity. Several iconic Rock types have appeared in the Pokémon franchise over the years.
Pokémon Legends: Arceus was groundbreaking in what it added to the Pokémon games of old, and it naturally brought some new Hisuian regional variants of existing species with it. The main example was used throughout most of the game's promotional work in the build-up to its release: Hisuian Growlithe.
Growlithe has always been a fan-favorite Fire-type Pokémon, mainly due to it resembling a loyal canine companion, but the Hisuian variant makes it look even more adorable and friendly than normal. Hisuian Growlithe's fur is made of igneous rock believed to be the result of exposure to volcanic activity, and it justifies its new Fire/Rock-type combination.
Aggron is a Gen III Steel/Rock-type Pokémon that feels like a combination of Rhydon and Tyranitar with extra metal plating. Aggron has a surprisingly low base stat total of 530 given that it looks like it could be a pseudo-legendary, but its Mega Evolution has 630, with immense focus on physical Defense and Attack as 230 and 140 respectively.
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Aggron's Rock typing seems redundant at times as it doesn't learn too many Rock-type moves, but it represents it all the same. Aggron is generally used by tough Trainers given its minimum level of 42, and is used by Steven as well as multiple villainous Trainers throughout the anime.
The Rock-type Puppy Pokémon Rockruff is adorable and popular in itself, but its evolved form Lycanroc is seriously interesting. Lycanroc has three possible forms it can take in Midday, Midnight and Dusk, each obtained by evolving Rockruff at a specific time of day. All three forms were shown and used in the Sun & Moon anime, but Ash Ketchum's Dusk Form Lycanroc stole the show.
Ash's Lycanroc was responsible for winning Ash his historic first Pokémon League victory at the Manalo Conference in Alola by defeating Gladion's own Midnight Form Lycanroc. Since then, Lycanroc has been immortalized as one of the most iconic Rock types of the franchise.
Rhydon is a Rock/Ground-type with multiple complications when properly analyzed, from its six type weaknesses to a base stat total of less than 500, yet it is still an iconic Pokémon in its own right. Rhydon is believed to be one of the first Pokémon to ever be designed, from sketches found and interviews with Ken Sugimori.
Rhydon is the evolved form of Rhyhorn, and even received an evolution of its own in Gen IV, as Rhyperior was introduced. Rhydon isn't too useful in battle beyond its intimidating looks, but it does boast a stacked and varied movepool, spanning more than ten different types.
Sudowoodo was initially known for its role as a static encounter in the Gen II games Gold & Silver, as it blocked easy travel between Violet City, Goldenrod, and Ecruteak. The Imitation Pokémon has a distinct cry that itself is iconic, but its design also stands out. Sudowoodo resembles a tree but is generally only seen as a Rock-type Pokémon.
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It took until the ninth generation for a Trainer to treat Sudowoodo as a Rock/Grass Pokémon, and that came with the Grass-type Gym Leader Brassius in Scarlet & Violet, as he used a Grass Tera Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo also became a staple of Brock's team during the Diamond & Pearl series of the anime, cementing it as an iconic Pokémon.
When Pokémon fans try to think of the most nostalgic and iconic Rock types from the first generation, Onix and Geodude will be the first names thought of. Both are known as Brock's original pair in both the anime and the original games. As far as designs go, Geodude is essentially a boulder with arms, a simple yet effective way to make a quintessential Rock-type Pokémon.
As the initial form of its evolution line, Geodude has never been made to look too strong, but it has seen more effective use as Graveler and Golem, its evolved forms. Geodude even received an Electric-type Alolan regional variant in Gen VII, giving it two fewer weaknesses than in its traditional Rock/Ground combination.
Aerodactyl is one of the most terrifying Pokémon in the entire franchise. This Rock/Flying-type Pokémon is a Fossil Pokémon, which can be resurrected in the games by finding and handing in an Old Amber. Aerodactyl resembles a dinosaur group known as pterosaurs and carries that prehistoric level of gravitas, with undeniable capabilities of wreaking havoc and destruction.
Aerodactyl's anime appearances also reflect this, with it escaping from its confines and threatening to attack masses of people. Goh managed to catch one in Pokémon Journeys after managing to calm it down after its inevitable rampage.
The Three Regis were introduced in the Gen III games as their answer to the Legendary Birds and the Legendary Beasts that came before them. This time, however, different types were represented, in Registeel, Regice, and Regirock. During the Battle Frontier arc of the anime, Ash came across a formidable Trainer named Brandon, who utilized the Regis in his team.
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While Brandon only used Regice in his ultimate matchup with Ash, he did use Regirock against a possessed Ash when trying to save him from the King of Pokélantis. In this battle, Regirock was able to defeat Ash's Sceptile with minimal fuss. As the name suggests, Regirock is easily one of the more iconic Rock-type Pokémon of the franchise.
Introduced back in Gen II, the Rock/Dark-type Pokémon Tyranitar was an indicator that pseudo-legendaries weren't all going to be Dragon types after all. As the name suggests, Tyranitar is a dinosaurian Pokémon with a vicious streak, perfectly justifying its Dark typing. Tyranitar haven't been shown to their full potential in the anime, as Alain's Tyranitar lost to Ash's Pikachu.
However, in the games, Tyranitar is still being used in competitive Pokémon, mainly as a means to set up a Sandstorm-oriented team. Tyranitar has a problematic seven type weaknesses, but its diverse movepool and pseudo-legendary base stat total of 600 help to still make it usable in certain circumstances.
The Rock Snake Pokémon, Onix, was the first Rock-type Pokémon to be properly shown off in battle in the anime under the ownership of Pewter City's Gym Leader, Brock. Onix was initially shown to be tough and unbeatable, but some brief training for Ash and Pikachu and a bit of luck with the Gym's sprinklers were enough to quickly make it look weak.
Onix saw a lot of use alongside Brock before it later evolved into Steelix. Onix is huge and imposing in stature, but despite being used to good effect by many Trainers in the anime, Onix will always be remembered for its iconically low base stat total of 385, with only 45 Attack. In spite of its drawbacks, however, Onix will always be known as the most iconic Rock-type Pokémon.
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