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Much of New Mexico’s unique charm is found in these beautiful towns.
From gorgeous buildings to beautiful mountain communities to quaint towns, New Mexico boasts some of the most breathtaking places in America. Its stunning diverse landscapes have inspired artists from different parts of the world. Much of New Mexico's unique charm is found in its small towns. These towns have local restaurants with delicious specialties, attractions that have earned praise from previous travelers, and stunning hotels housed in the state's historic buildings. These are the 10 most beautiful towns in New Mexico you should visit.
Located in Santa Fe County, Galisteo is home to unique experiences and attractions, making it one of the most charming towns to explore in New Mexico. Films like Crazy Heart, Silverado, and Thor were filmed in this gorgeous part of New Mexico. This is also one of the best adventure spots in the area, thanks to its beautiful desert scenery. Galisteo Basin Reserve is one of the top places to experience this side of the town. Travelers will find numerous hiking and biking trails to explore.
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Taos is one of the most beautiful towns in New Mexico and keeps enticing vacationers from different corners of the globe. Its museums and independent art galleries are some of the things that make it stand out. San Francisco de Asis Mission Church, one of the most iconic churches and photographed locations in the state, also calls this enchanting town a home. Its position by the Rocky Mountains and Rio Grande Gorge makes it an incredible destination for outdoor lovers.
With an incredible blend of Spanish, Native American, and southwestern influences, Tucumcari’s culture is incredibly adverse. There are many gorgeous attractions and towns with unique historic charms. Its Historic District is of its most iconic tourist spots, filled with numerous historic buildings, some dating back to the ‘20s. The town is brimming with stunning hidden gems, which display a unique side of it. It has stunning street art, museums, restaurants, and everything in between.
Whether looking for entertainment options, history, food, or a unique cultural scene, it is there in Silver City. Its bustling downtown has a lot of gorgeous restaurants, hotels, and colorful shops selling all kinds of items. Some of the museums to explore include the Silver City Museum and western New Mexico University Museum; these museums offer unique artifacts and exhibits about the South West region of the United States. Outdoorsy travelers can spend time in the city’s adventure spots, like the Gila National Forest, Penny Park, Mimbres River Preserve, and Big Ditch Park.
Located in Guadalupe County, Santa Rosa is one of the most beautiful towns in New Mexico and offers a lot to offer tourists. The city is known for its rugged desert beauty, incredible arts scene, beautiful culture, and fantastic culinary scene, mostly cooked in Southwestern style. It boasts several popular attractions, including Park Lake, Route 66 Auto Museum, and Blue Hole, which make it worth exploring. There is something for everyone in this great spot.
Cloudcroft is nestled on the northern side of Lincoln National Forest, which means it has plenty of outdoor opportunities, including mountain biking, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, and camping. It is brimming with beautiful restaurants, colorful shops, and unique tourist spots to explore. It offers numerous options for entertainment, including unique events and festivals. This charming mountain village is a perfect getaway for any type of traveler.
Located on the southeast side of New Mexico, Ruidoso is nestled amongst the Sierra Blanca range of the Rocky Mountains. It is a popular destination that entices 1.9 million vacationers, ranging from history buffs to nature lovers and everyone in between. There are plenty of outdoor activities, including biking, fishing, and hiking. History lovers would definitely love spending time in the town's incredible museums, like the Hubbard Museum of the American west. Other places to check out include Fort Stanton, Grindstone Lake, Monjeau Lookout, and Adventure Mountain.
Roswell is famous for appearing in several documentaries, TV shows, and plenty of adventure opportunities. One can explore one of its many gorgeous farmlands, go hiking in the nearby Wildlife Refuge or eat something tasty from its local restaurants. There are several art centers, museums, and a research center. There are numerous tours that vacationers can use to explore some of the best spots in the town. A good number of events, festivals, and concerts are held here from time to time.
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Red River is a perfect destination for travelers looking for outdoor adventures, and one can go camping, fishing, hiking, OHV-ing, hunting, rafting, horseback riding, and biking. Several trails suit all kinds of travelers. Some strenuous hikes require effort and sweat to get through, but they get to some of the most breathtaking sights in the town. In winter, this gorgeous resort town offers incredible skiing and snowboarding opportunities, thanks to the surrounding sloping mountains. No matter the season tourists choose to come here, they’ll always find something interesting to do.
Vacationers enjoy traveling to small towns to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, but the long drives and whatever it takes to get there are off-putting to some vacationers. Located just outside of Santa Fe, this town has a long, fascinating history, and vacationers can learn some of it in one of its well-preserved sites, El Santuario de Chimayo. It is known for being one of the biggest farmlands in the southwestern and boasts a rich culture dating back thousands of years.
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