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On behalf of the Pottstown Ministerium Communities of Faith, I would like to thank everyone who attended the 16th Annual Community Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration featuring the Pottstown Mass Choir at First Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Jan. 15. An offering of $1,120 was received and presented to “Beacon of Hope” which currently runs a Warming Center at St. Paul’s UCC.
Dr. Vernon Ross,
Why do they keep referring to fentanyl deaths as overdoses? How many fentanyl addicts are there? The overwhelming number of these “overdose” deaths are people thinking they are buying other drugs and receiving drugs laced with fentanyl. The correct term should be fentanyl “poisonings.”
The Woke Democrats are coming for your gas grill and kitchen stove! The Wall Street Journal reports that the Consumer Products Safety Commission has declared gas appliances unsafe, and they have a right to ban them. New York has outlawed gas ranges in new homes after 2028. With Shapiro in office, Pennsylvania won’t be far behind. No more family cookouts or tailgates. The left always says what they are going to do. We should believe them.
Chuck Draksler
The pandemic is over so when are all of the state employees going back to work? One department is the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board only goes into the office one day a week. Real workers have been at work the whole time. Time to man up.
Mike S
Savonarola, glad to see you’re back on the scene with a pocket full of green climate change alarmist rhetoric. You often reference “scientists” who study climate change but fail to provide details on the qualifications of those so-called scientists. If I study the relationship between what my dog eats and what his poop smells like, does that qualify me to be a scientist?
When will people realize opinions are entirely different from than truth? Just because your opinion is different than mine doesn’t mean you’re right or wrong. My opinion doesn’t make me right or wrong either. But don’t try to tell me I’m wrong just because I think differently than you. I’m talking mainly about the abortion issue. But it applies to everything. Stop trying to force your opinions on me.
Tom M.
Responding Patriot54 — Fetterman did get more votes. The problem is that Fetterman’s mental impairment was hidden. Fetterman’s stroke was hidden from Democrat primary voters! Fetterman did one debate that almost all networks didn’t cover! To this day, most Democrat voters don’t know how incapacitated Fetterman is! How will Fetterman serve on a committee and represent Pennsylvania, Fetterman can’t follow a conversation!
Only in Gavin Newsom’s mismanaged Democrat-run California could you have an ongoing drought emergency and an emergency declared after weeks of flooding.
Billy G.
It is interesting that Joe Biden and President Trump have switched roles. President Trump’s tax returns are now public and Joe Biden has taken down his tax returns from his website for 3 years. Now could it be that the reason they were taken down is that it is now known that Hunter Biden is claiming to have paid his Daddy Joe, $49,000 a year in rent? I wonder.
Michael Stern
Just A retired Guy — Government never spends responsibly. In the past two years $6,000,000,000 for mostly nonsense. Heated sidewalks, a bridge for bird watching, a Michelle Obama hiking trail and on and on … It’s not corporate not paying taxes it’s the government that’s the problem! It’s time for a “Flat Tax” with no deductions all pay the same businesses, corporations and individuals! Including the forty percent paying zero federal taxes!
Someone needs to inform KC that it’s 2023 because KC seems to be stuck in the 18th century thinking the US is fertile land for sweatshops, child labor, and unregulated working conditions. KC obviously harbors a significant amount of envy toward the wealthy. That’s why KC is a good Democrat socialist.
Long Live Capitalism
Whiners, I keep hearing you say about the high cost of living. Live in the shoes of the Ukrainian people for one day then I might listen to you.
Jay Miller
According to the 2022 Trustees Report, the Medicare Trust fund reserve will be depleted in 2028 and the Social Security reserve will be depleted in 2035. Once the reserves are depleted, Social Security will only have enough to provide 77% of its scheduled benefits and Medicare 90%. Republicans want to figure out how to fix and save these programs, not kill them. Don’t be scared by the Democrats’ disinformation. Real discussions and solutions are needed.
Robert Minninger
After reading Sound Off following the recent hiatus, I am wondering if any of the “regular” contributors ever stop to think about the almost robotic — and therefore meaningless — rhetoric each one sends. Half have decided that Joe Biden is the devil, and the other half are dancing with the devil because the traitor-in-chief is finally fading into the dust. No reason to keep reading. Same drivel every day.
I was happy to see the inauguration of Josh Shapiro and Austin Davis as our Governor and Lieutenant Governor. It’s great when people of color and of non-christian faith can be elected in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania gets a bad rap sometimes when some of our politicians go the right-wing crazy route and millions follow. Good luck, Josh and Austin!
While Patriot54 believes Pennsylvania is a perennially Blue state like California, that’s a lie. The truth is we’re a “swing” state. At times we’re Blue and other times we’re Red. Currently, Pa. is considered to be Purplish Blue/Red. So kudos to the media and academia for hoodwinking voters into becoming mindless servants of the radical progressive Democrat establishment during the past election cycle. How’s that working out for everyone?
Mrs. Crabtree
Is Marc Thiessen the biggest war hawk columnist out there? No wonder he was a speechwriter for the Bush/Cheney administration.
Recent post on Facebook: “Did you know that if you wake up between 3:00 and 5:00 AM, you are at the beginning of a spiritual transformation?” I’ve gotta remember that on my way to the bathroom.
Band Singer
Ten years ago, if you saw a guy wearing a girl’s swimsuit, participating in an NCAA women’s swimming meet, you would have been puzzled. Ten years later, while watching the 2022 NCAA Women’s Swim Meet that has a guy wearing a girl’s swimsuit, and he wins the race. And the girls that come in second and third are demonized because they complained that that’s a guy. You’d be puzzled! Who’s in charge here?
H. John
I cannot wait for the next round of Sheriff’s Sales, I can buy my dream home for next to nothing, back taxes.
The following question was asked by The Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering
(CSSE). Dear Public Health Officials: With 68% of the world’s population vaccinated and 13 billion doses administered if the vaccines are safe and effective, how do you explain that the overwhelming number of Covid deaths and all the highest peaks in deaths occurred after starting the mass vaccination? Anyone care to comment on that little fact?
Info Depot
Many politicians are calling for immigration reform. No immigration program will be effective unless the border is completely secured first. Unless the border is fully secured, illegals will continue to skirt the law. Why would illegals risk being denied entrance to the USA when they can easily sneak in? Plus, it’s faster. I think some of the dumbest and stupid people are politicians of all parties.
Joe Biden got his son Hunter Biden a job with a Ukrainian oil and gas company that paid Hunter $50,000 a month for “consulting services.” During that same time, Hunter was paying his father Joe $50,000 per month to rent his Wilmington, DE, home. That boys and girls are how Democrat politicians become multimillionaires.
Well, where is Liz Cheney on all the news about Biden and his secret documents taken when he was Vice President, not even President? Biden has them spread all over the place where anyone could have found them and read secrets. Trump may have had secret documents but he was President and had them in one private place. OK, all you Democrats what is your answer to this? Silence?
We all must forgive Sleepy Joe for he knows not what he does. Hunter asked Joe to steal some classified docs so he could get more money from his foreign allies. He promised to share the money with the “Big Guy.” As usual, no charges will ever be brought against Joe or Hunter. Keep voting Blue!
Jay Miller, you need to get over your hatred for Donald Trump. He has not been President for almost 2 years. Evict him from your mind. Let it go and just make sure your headstone has the inscription “Lock Him Up.” Rest In Peace.
Hey, at least Hunter didn’t leave his crack just lying around for the janitors to find. Nope, he smoked it up. So maybe Joe was right after all, Hunter is the smartest man he knows.
The Snarky Conservative
I’ve come to realize that love does not necessarily make the world go around, but it does make the ride worthwhile!
Jim Fitch
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