The Best Way To Clean A Birdhouse – House Digest

Birdhouses are a lovely backyard addition that attracts beautifully colored wildlife such as songbirds and bluejays. And not only do birdhouses come in a plethora of charming designs, but they also offer many benefits. According to The Backyard Baron, when birds have a place to stay on your property, they can help keep pests away, limit weed growth, pollinate flowers, spread seeds, and fertilize the soil. Therefore, as we near migration season, it’s important to ensure our birdhouses are ready for the returning winged beauties.
One of the first things you should do is check its current state. Is it dusty and dirty on the inside? Although they are essentially wild animals, a clean home is important to a bird’s health, per Nature’s Way. If you avoid cleaning it now, you could end up with sick birds that spread diseases to one another. In order to avoid this, we reveal the proper cleaning steps to prepare for the arrival of your feathery friends.

According to Bird Watching HQ, the first step to cleaning a birdhouse is putting on a face mask and gloves to avoid touching or breathing in harmful bacteria — without this precaution, you could end up with a nasty infection. Next, if your birdhouse cannot be easily opened, then you may need to disassemble it. Once that’s done, you can start removing the old nesting material and any other type of debris. Bird Watching HQ advises tossing them into a plastic bag to avoid spreading bacteria and mites.
You’ll then need to gather a toothbrush, a scrub brush, and toothpicks to clear away any droppings and open up the ventilation holes. To disinfect the birdhouse, mix a one-to-nine ratio of chlorine bleach and water and spread it all over the interior with a scrubbing brush. Once it’s thoroughly disinfected, rinse away the bleach with clean water then leave it outside in the sun to dry prior to resembling it.

Once your birdhouse is clean, it’s time to place it in the perfect spot. But where exactly may that be? According to ECCB Outdoor, the best spot will be in a quiet area where not many people, sneaky cats, or predators walk by. It should also be placed at least 5 feet above the ground, and the entrance to the birdhouse should face away from the wind. The idea is to make sure the location you choose will make birds believe it’s a safe spot to lay their eggs.
Also, it’s wise to find an area that’s close to water or potential food sources. If you don’t have a small pond on the property, we suggest investing in a birdbath — which should be easy to move around when need be. Not only will your winged guests enjoy it, but when paired with your birdhouse, it will create an adorable design straight out of a Disney storybook.