Man sets up resort at Dal Lake to feed migratory birds – Times of Oman

Srinagar: Amid harsh weather and biting cold, a man in Indian administered Kashmir has come forward to extend a helping hand to the winged guests from far-off lands, who flew into Indian shores in the quest of some warmth and food.
Mohammad Yasin, an ardent bird lover and enthusiast, has set up a Bird Forest Resort exclusively for migratory birds at Kashmir’s famous Dal Lake. Yasin said considering the harsh winter in the Kashmir valley this year, he put together the forest resort for the exotic fowls, which come to nest at Dal Lake at this time of the year in search of shelter and food.

Speaking to ANI, Yasin said, “I was inspired to set up the resort for bids at Dal Lake after watching people feeding birds during my days abroad.”
As a tour operator, Yasin is mostly away in Delhi and Rajasthan to earn his livelihood. “In the last few years, I got to visit several countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Ukraine. During my travels, I would spot different bird species. I also saw locals feeding them at particular spots on a regular basis. It inspired me to set up the resort at Dal Lake,” Yasin said.
Yasin, who lives in a houseboat at Dal Lake, says he feeds the migratory birds two to three times a day. A huge portion of marshland in front of his houseboat attracts a good number of birds every day, he added.
Yasin said he rows his Shikara to certain particular spots where the birds huddle every day and feed them.
“Since I built this resort, a good number of birds nest in the midst every day, especially in the morning and evening hours. Not only have I realised my true passion in feeding these birds but it also gives me peace of mind,” Yasin told ANI.
He added, “I feel that it is my responsibility to take care of these birds and feed them properly, especially in this harsh winter when they are not finding enough prey or food.”
Appreciating his efforts and the intent behind setting up the bird forest resort, Tariq Ahmad, a houseboat owner, said, “When the lake freezes over, the birds find it difficult to find food. It was truly a great idea to set up this report and I was really impressed and delighted to learn about it. I would like to commend Yasin for coming up with the idea of setting up a resort for migratory birds.”
“I believe this resort would also go a long in drawing more tourists here. I have a few more ideas for promoting this resort,” Yasin said.