Arkansas Man Discovers Huge Amount of Deer Carcasses on Property –

Imagine walking through the woods and stumbling upon a huge pile of gross animal remains.
That's exactly what happened to a landowner in Arkansas when he was out walking on his property recently in Clarksville (Johnson County). According to a Facebook post on Jan. 4,  the Johnson County Sheriff's Office reported the area was littered with hundreds of deer carcasses, some with fur and skin still attached plus a massive amount of guts and bones strewn over his property.
The sheriff's office immediately contacted the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission where an investigation ensued into the disturbing scene. Investigators discovered that a Clarksville man was being paid to dispose of the dead carcasses and remains from a local processing and taxidermist, the taxidermy business owner had no idea that the man was dumping the remains on private property without the consent of the landowner.
Dumping dead carcasses in Arkansas on private property is considered illegal. In fact, Disposing of carcasses in locations where they might contaminate surface water or wells is illegal in the state. There are three methods recommended for the disposal of deer carcasses and that include incineration, burying, and rendering.
If a hunter is unaware of what landfills to use for legal dumping in Arkansas click here. For more information check out the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission website.
The man has agreed to clean up the mess but has been cited and fined up to $1,000 and could face jail time for 30 days, according to the AGFC. Identification of the man is still withheld at this time.