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These beaches are extremely long and promise visitors scenery, relaxation, and plenty of exciting activities.
Visiting all the beaches in the world is simply an impossible task because the world is filled with thousands of these natural attractions. One, however, can still get the best out of beach exploration by visiting some of the selected few.
While some lists come with the most beautiful beaches in the world, this list comes with the longest, and they are so long that one will feel lost on the shore. Before proceeding, keep in mind that these beaches are not just long and boring, but they come with plenty of amenities and attractions to keep visitors comfortable and entertained at all times.
The city of Long Beach is famous for hosting one of the longest beaches in the world. The beach is 28 miles long and throughout its long length are plenty of attractions and amenities from restaurants offering delicious seafood to historic sites and state parks.
Horseback riding and surf fishing hiking are popular things to do on the beach but just walking and taking in the views is an exciting and relaxing thing to do here.
Virginia Beach is a beach in a city in Virginia with the same name that stretches for a length of 35 miles and offers some of the best beach experiences one can get anywhere in the country.
At Virginia Beach, one will be met with plenty of oceanfront beach resorts, restaurants, bars, fun attractions, and just about anything one would need to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.
Besides the attractions line up on the beach, there are also several interesting attractions in the area from wildlife refuges to aquariums, and nature parks. The beach has even been named the Longest Pleasure Beach by the Guinness Book of World Records and this just makes it more appealing.
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Australia is not the only place with a ninety-mile beach. New Zealand has one too and unlike the Australian beach, this one stretches for approximately 55 miles which is enough to place it among the top 10 longest beaches in the world.
While it is mostly used as a highway, the beach is also a great place for surfing and swimming. Fishing is also extremely popular here as the waters are endowed with plenty of snappers.
Playa Novillero, the longest beach in Mexico is also one of the third longest in the world. For up to 56 miles, this beach stretches, creating beautiful spots where people can enjoy an amazing beach experience.
Surfing and swimming are popular on the beach and there are plenty of interesting attractions located near the beach to give visitors more adventures.
With restaurants, toilets, bars, and hotels located on several parts of the beach, every moment spent here promises to be memorable.
Grand Strand is a 60-mile curved stretch of white sandy coastline endowed with a wide variety of attractions and tourist infrastructure. Unlike other world’s longest beaches, Grand Strand is curved but since it’s the length that matters, it is one of the longest beaches in the world.
The beach is located in South Carolina and throughout its length, one will find luxury resorts, an amusement park, golf courses, entertainment centers, and campgrounds. The waters of the beaches on the 60-mile stretch are also great for surfing and swimming.
Located in the state of Texas, Padre Island National Seashore features the longest beach in the United States with a length of 70 miles. On that long stretch of shoreline, one can enjoy activities such as horse riding, bird watching, and surfing.
The beach is also a great place for bird-watching and watching sea turtles during nesting season.
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Cox’s Bazar Beach is a beautiful shoreline in Bangladesh that stretches for 75 miles. The beach is characterized by blue ocean water and soft sand. It is a great place to relax, swim, go parasailing, and watch the sunset. Horse riding and speed boating are also popular activities one can enjoy on this beach.
On certain parts of the beach, there are facilities such as resorts and restaurants serving delicious seafood.
At Ninety Mile Beach, visitors will have all the space they need to enjoy a memorable beach time. As its name implies, this fine sand beach stretches for up to 94 miles and creates the stage for an exciting beach vacation.
Activities one can do here include camping, surfing, swimming, camping, and picnicking. It is also a great place for whale watching and there are several natural attractions located around the beach.
There are many awe-inspiring beaches in Australia but Eighty Mile Beach tops the list when it comes to length. The name is deceiving as this beach is actually 140 miles long. The beach is located in Western Australia and it features beautiful white sand and turquoise water.
Eighty Mile Beach is a great place to fish, watch migratory birds, and enjoy a picnic. Surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and diving are also popular things to do here. The even beach has a caravan park where visitors can camp.
Brazil seems to have a lot of massive natural attractions. It has the roaring Iguazu Falls, the mighty Amazon rainforest, and also Praia do Cassino which at a length of 157 miles, is the longest beach in the world.
The beach is located in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, but it stretches to the border of Uraguay. It has a fine shore and the waters are great for swimming and surfing. Amenities such as bars restaurants, bathrooms, and shops are located on the beach.
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