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Come to find out that it’s National Bird Day today and we actually found out a little more about birds that we probably expected! The Mike & Carla Morning Show just threw it out there this morning and before you know it, listeners were calling in with all sorts of bird facts!
First off we should let everyone know that this is a relatively new “Day” on the calendar having been added in 2002. And with all the different species of birds, it quite the diverse salute! For those that don’t know, Nevada’s state bird is the Blue Bird! Officially claimed back in 1967, our state made the Blue Bird official…in fact the bird is so popular that the state of Idaho also puts the claims on the Blue Bird as their state bird!
However, the Blue Bird may only live from 6-10 years in the wild which is quite the opposite from the birds that were mentioned this morning that included parrots, cockatiels and more! Come to find out that these birds can out live us all! in fact one listener said that his father, a Merchant Marine, smuggled a bird into the country and since his parents have now passed, the bird has found a new home with other in-laws!
Oh, and we come to find out that if you have talking birds in your house, be careful! They tend to repeat whatever they hear…ask Carla Rea who said that family pet bird would say stuff like, “you wanna go upstairs?” It made her wonder what her parents were doing throughout the afternoon while she was in school!
we also found out that certain birds can be messy and mean! Not the friendly, “here, let my bird land on your shoulder” type animal! Nonetheless, all interesting stuff especially if you are a big fan of birds…all this on The M&C Morning Show!
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Pets are like humans they require tender love and care. Day beds, toe-nail clippers, embellished pet-wear and chew toys are essentials for our cherished loved-ones.
Vegas locals understand that doting for your pet is a lifestyle only animal lovers will understand. One of the great things about living in a humane city is that there are many pet shops that cater to our confidants. And we aren’t just talking about dogs and cats. Locals have proven that owning birds, bunnies, snakes, guinea pigs, real pigs and horses are just a few of the types of animals you will see out and about.
The stores below really focus on your not so common pets everyday wants and needs. Getting a new exotic pet can create some curiosity. Building tanks and cages are helpful in providing a sense of shelter for your reptilian friends. Bug blends and silkworm puree are just a couple of names you’ll hear in the exotic landscape. It helps to get familiar with a new environment by jumping scales in. Education classes help with the dos and donts so you don’t end up hurting your new family member.
Horses, sheep and goats are also pets we can’t forget about. Have you gotten your salt blocks, Fluid Action HA and Mane n Tail yet? All essential items to help nutrition, joints and hair. Birds  and bunnies also have a special place in our heart. Find hanging toys for your birds home and leafy snacks for your bunnies hungry tummies are important.
We at 96.3 KKLZ care about small businesses and want to show off some unique pet shops to care for your furry, scaly and feathered babies. Each of these stores’ primary focus on pet supplies may be different from the next. Explore each of the list below to see if any might be the right fit for your pet.
They pride themselves in everything reptiles.
Address: 3380 E Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120
6836 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89117
444 W. Craig  Rd #116 North Las Vegas, NV 89032
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Great for getting up close and personal with reptiles.
Address: 1729 E Charleston Blvd STE. E, Las Vegas, NV 89104
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Grooming and cute specialty items.
Address: 1460 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
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The perfect place for horses, sheep, dogs and more.
Address: 6515 W Lone Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89130
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Bird paradise with toys, cages and more.
Address: 800 N Rainbow Blvd #110, Las Vegas, NV 89107
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Las Vegas is full of expensive break-the-bank restaurants, mom and pop shops and small local eateries. Being a pet owner, the question that always comes up is, “Can I bring my dog?” Finding a restaurant that not only seats people but our furry companions can be troublesome. Vegas, Henderson and the other surrounding cities are very pet friendly with dog oriented parks and pet businesses catered just for dog owners.
As cliche as it sounds, “Dog is man’s best friend” first said by Frederick, King of Prussia, is actually true. Pets can’t speak human but they know what we are saying when we communicate to them. They are an essential part of the family as if they were a brother, sister, cousin or uncle. For a lot of us, our pets are the first thing we see in the morning and the first ones to welcome us home from a long day of work.
We take care of our dogs as if they were a baby. We feed them, wash them, take them for a “w-a-l-k”, cuddle them and make sure they are up to date on all of their shots. It’s our responsibility as a dog owner to provide the best life that we can give to our pets. After all, pets give us something that is so valuable it’s priceless. What is it you ask? Their unconditional love.
We scoured the internet looking for dog friendly restaurants and cafes that welcome our furry four-legged friends with open arms. We can report back knowing that we have found nine locations with great staff and great plate options. The best part is that most to all of them have outdoor seating or an open patio. Bring your doggo’s water bowl as many of the restaurants will fill it with water. We hope you and your dog enjoy the best lunch ever.
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