Curious penguin walks up to elderly woman who interacts with the flightless bird. Watch video – The Indian Express

A solitary penguin approached an elderly woman and observed her closely for a while. The adorable exchange between the flightless bird and the woman has taken the internet by storm, racking up millions of views.
The clip shared by Twitter user Gabriele Corno shows the penguin waddling and approaching the woman. The elderly woman clad in winter clothes holds an umbrella and is seen speaking to the penguin. The penguin is seen watching the woman and her umbrella and amused onlookers are seen observing the happenings. As the woman moves past the penguin, it turns and follows her.
Exchange of views in a parking lot
— Gabriele Corno (@Gabriele_Corno) December 12, 2022
“Exchange of views in a parking lot,” reads the caption of the clip. Since being shared on Monday, the clip has amassed more than 3.3 million views on Twitter. The location of the undated video is not known. As the clip gained traction online, several users were intrigued about the penguin being found in a parking lot. Some users came up with funny reactions also.
A user commented, “Worried why a penguin is in a parking lot in the first place. Seems to be looking for food. Something not right here.” Another user wrote, “Penguin : ‘Madam, would I be so bold as to ask your fine Umbrella out on a date? She’s pretty fine’ Old Lady: ‘Well of course young sir, but make sure she’s back by 9pm’.” A third user commented, “This is adorable but I also believe the bird just thinks her umbrella is a fine looking penguin.”
Videos and photographs featuring penguins loitering in public places often spark curiosity among internet users. In March this year, a young penguin was spotted waddling on the streets of Budapest in Hungary. The penguin which fled from a local zoo was caught by the Budapest police officers on duty.
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