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Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Summers bring vacation, but also unbearable heat, so what’s the best way to spend this time with your family?
If you are in Madhya Pradesh, especially in a city like Indore, get away and take a quick ride to an adventurous, cool place this weekend. Our reader Zafar Shaikh brings to light a less-known heavenly quick getaway ‘Sahastradhara’ near Indore.
How to reach Sahastradhara?
From Indore, you must AB Rd/Garipipliya Rd, LIG Link Rd, Eastern Ring Rd, Service Rd and Bicholi Hapsi Road to NH52. It is the fastest route to reach Sahastradhara. You might have to pay tolls.
This would be about 20 minute ride. Further on, continue on this road to AB Road for 73.5 kilometres.
After reaching, a crossroad, take Maheshwar-Gujri Rd to MP SH 38 in Maheshwar. You must continue driving for 92.8 kilometres further on this road to reach Sahastradhara.
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Driving Distance
102 kilometre
Driving Time
2 hr 16 min
What to do there?
Sahastradhara has different inspirations for different people. Some people rejoice with their family losing years and reliving the best time of their life. Abu Bakr said, “I visited the place with my family.”
For adventure seekers, the gigantic mountain and its surrounding dense forest invites them to explore and trek on its twisty ways. In the dense forest, you can find interesting biodiversity.
If you spend some quality time in early morning or evening, then you can enjoy the music of birds chirping greetings to each other. Large variety of different species of plants is sure to attract botany enthusiasts.
Bathing in fresh, clean water
When blessed with a big family, every place and picnic is fun. Synonymous with large joint families that have flavours of every age group, Sahastradhara is a combination waterfall, pond, mountains and rich biodiversity.
While many people prefer sitting quietly and enjoying the view of the waterfall, most people dive in the pool at the bottom of the fall.
With a small trek to the river, adventure adds to the beauty of the place.
Travel Advisory
* You can carry stove and other items to prepare food there or carry home-cooked packaged food.
* There are no tea or coffee stalls on the way. Therefore, it is suggested to carry your choice of beverage.
* Enthusiastic photographers should carry their cameras as there are various opportunities for clicking pictures.
* You must carry bottled water.
* You can carry picnic mat and sit around to enjoy your meal on the way.
*  Carry a change of clothes
* For trekking, you must carry proper gears and ensure that you are trekking in a group with an experienced guide.
* Remember to carry your trekking shoes.
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