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In October 1986, DeKalb Fire Department celebrates Fire Prevention Week with a demonstration, rappelling from the bucket of snorkel number one, in the alley north of Lincoln Highway in DeKalb between Second and Third streets. (Photo courtesy of the DeKalb County History Center Archives)
1922 – 100 Years Ago
Generosity and charity were personified yesterday morning at the state teachers college when every student in the institution brought a can of food to be given to the poor. Donations ranging from a small can of corn to a half bushel of apples, were pooled on two tables in the front of the auditorium during the general exercise hour. It is estimated that there were over 400 cans of food on the table. The movement of bringing a can to give to the poor of this city was started by the Northmen club of the college. Early in the morning the students flocked the downtown stores buying a can which they exchanged for a small red tag bearing thanks and signed by Santa Claus.
Starting with two taxicabs a few months ago, but with a determination to be courteous, give the best service at all times, day or night, has brought the business of the B taxicab line up to its present high standard wherein three or four cars are operated day and night. The Bresnahan brothers recently added a Dodge taxi to the service.
A beautiful and interesting Christmas custom was inaugurated here last night when a party of boys and girls from the township high school delighted audiences at many homes and on the downtown streets by gathering and singing Christmas carols. Among other places where their music brought cheer was the home of Jacob Haish, where the aged magnate lies ill, and also the home of Frank Dadds, another invalid, on College Avenue.
Reports from the new DeKalb High School building are to the effect that the work on the new building is going along in fine shape. The building was all enclosed and the roof was on before the hard weather came and from now on the finishing will be rushed as rapidly as possible. Although no one in authority will even hazard a guess as to the completion of the work there is a feeling that it will be done in time for the holding of the commencement exercises in it next June. This will mean that the structure will be ready for occupancy next September when school starts.
From all reports the business men of Sycamore have not been getting their share of the business as has been the custom in previous years. Many of the people going to Chicago and other larger towns like Rockford and Belvidere, to do their Christmas buying. The merchants on the street revoke this idea of going to other towns to buy, when they have just as good a stock here at home. It is these, who are doing more for the town than any other organization in the city. They pay for all the new improvements along the street, and keep the city lively, and a better place in which to live. Why should not they be patronized when they are doing everything they can to to better conditions.
1947 – 75 Years Ago
Employees of the L. A. Althoff Company and the DeKalb Foundry Corporation found regular pay day, Friday, Dec. 19, an unusual and profitable day. Besides receiving the regular checks, they also found an order in each envelope entitling the bearer to a twenty-pound turkey. The proverbial bird will grace many DeKalb tables this Christmas holiday through the generosity of the firm’s management.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aves of Kingston, were Sunday guests of Mrs. And Mrs. Jay Worden.
Bus, train and automobile travel is expected to be heavy during the next several days as people travel to their homes for the Christmas holiday. Over the week end period thousands of students at colleges and universities will be returning home. Classes at the Northern Illinois State Teachers College will end this afternoon and students, whose homes are away from DeKalb, will be leaving DeKalb to spend the two-week holiday. Five special buses will assist in taking the students to their homes while others will make the trip by train or auto.
It seems that everybody must be too busy Christmas shopping the past couple of days as activity as recorded on the police blotter has been quite scarce. Two ambulance calls were answered. Shortly after midnight a complaint was received that some boys were singing and making too much noise and this morning a tire and rim found at the rear of a business house was brought to the station.
Six toboggans were donated by the Sycamore Elks at its last meeting to go with the $1,110 snow slide, also given to the Park Board by the Elks, that has been erected at the Sycamore Community Park. The slide is 75 feet in length and is 25 feet in height. It is located near the west entrance to the park and is placed so that it will take advantage of the slope on what is known as the ninth fairway.
1972 – 50 Years Ago
DeKalb General Electric officials Wednesday announced that the plant will go into volume production of a newly developed motor, a move that will preserve about 100 jobs.
Over 60 dozen cookies and candies were distributed to the nurses and their aides on “Christmas Cookies Treat Day.” Sponsored annually by the DeKalb Public Hospital Auxiliary to show its appreciation for the hospital staff.
The annual “Christmas” bird count conducted by the Kishwaukee Audubon Society on Dec. 17, identified 44 different species of birds. The total number of individual birds was down somewhat, no doubt due to below zero weather and an ice glaze restricting feeding activities.
During a season devoted (among other things) to trimming the Christmas tree, Glidden School students are trimming a tree for the birds. A 20-25-foot Norway pine has been added to the school’s front lawn, and it hangs with such unusual ornaments as pine cone treats of peanut butter and bird seed, strings of popcorn, bacon fat seed cakes and corn.
1997 – 25 Years Ago
DEKALB Genetics Corp. announces the release of the industry’s first stacked-trait corn hybrid to include both Roundup Ultra herbicide resistance and YieldGard Bt protection of the 1998 growing season.
Construction workers dumped a load of broken rock near the site of new townhouses on the corner of Knolls Avenue and Moluf Street in DeKalb. As the City of DeKalb considers instituting impact fees, most officials from other towns with the fees say growth was not affected in the long term.
Instead of building his new hog confinement facilities a mile from St. Mary’s School on Gurler Road, Jerry Kempson will build them on his farm next to Afton Forest Preserve. While school officials who objected to the farm are relieved, future visitors to the forest preserve may notice a little stink.
Work nears completion on the new building for Al Bowne Chevrolet Oldsmobile Geo Inc., south of downtown Genoa on Route 23. The business was formerly housed at the corner of Routes 23 and 72; this spot will soon become the home of a new McDonald’s restaurant.
If you notice a few more airplanes in the skies of DeKalb County, there is a reason. After 20 years of work, the new runway at Taylor Municipal Airport is open, longer, wider and safer than the old one, the new runway will allow places that previously could not fly into DeKalb to do so.
Compiled by Sue Breese
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