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I know this isn’t the typical police chase with a weird vehicle that usually gets my blogging juices flowing, but that was still a fun ass chase with the absolute perfect song playing in the background. Not that this chase was bad by any means. Far from it. We had a couple of catastrophic accidents, car juke moves straight out of GTA (especially those nifty maneuvers navigating through the grass), and a legendary turn that will live in infamy for the locals living on Blue Sky Street and Haynes Street.

I’ve watched that move at least 10 times and still not sure how the truck made it onto Haynes without plowing into a car or riding onto a lawn.
Oh yeah, I can’t forget to include that incredible turn onto Ellington that was so badass, it got an instant replay cut.
What a chase! What an editing job! What a twist ending where a girl was driving! And of course, what a song! In fact, if anybody wants to become a TikTok superstar, simply build an account that posts police chases with the perfectly crafted stylings of “Free Bird” playing in the background, because I will watch every single one.
Also here is a longer cut of the chase for all the police chase enthusiasts out there that need more than coffee to get their blood pumping in the morning.

For those that just need coffee for their morning rush, make sure to buy Stella Blue Coffee. 
h/t Marcus D

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