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Dec 05, 2022, 09:00 ET
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Lubetzky will partner with HummViewer to help more people discover the magic of bird watching
NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of KIND Snacks and Co-founder of SOMOS Foods, has invested in HummViewer to make bird-watching an accessible activity for everyone. The HummViewer is a wearable hummingbird feeder mask that allows you to feed and observe hummingbirds up close. The non-traditional bird feeder can be used in multiple ways to experience these amazing creatures – by wearing it as a mask, setting it on a surface, holding the feeder tubes in your hand or hanging the mask like a traditional bird feeder.
HummViewer’s husband and wife co-founders, John and Joan Creed, share a love for the great outdoors in their home state of Colorado. John’s fascination with hummingbirds from a young age grew into a lifetime of learning about the species and a desire to design a feeder that would allow him to get a closer look at these special birds. “Birdwatching has surged in popularity as people crave ways to experience nature and disconnect from their hectic lives,” says Creed. “I knew I wanted to sell the product so that as many people as possible could experience these magnificent creatures for themselves. We’re thrilled to have Daniel’s support to make the HummViewer the must-have birdwatching product.”
Lubetzky, whose own birdwatching hobby took off during the pandemic, was drawn to Joan and John for their unique husband-and-wife partnership and innovative product, which he hopes will allow more people to experience the magic of watching birds.
Lubetzky says, “I never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity of Americans. Don’t be fooled by how goofy this helmet looks – Joan and John have come up with a genius solution for experiencing the magic of hummingbirds up close.” He adds that the investment holds personal significance to him, saying, “My father, who was my role model and best friend, loved to watch birds with my mom outside their house. Since he passed, we have often been reminded of him when we see birds, hummingbirds especially.”
Together with Daniel’s support, John and Joan will scale HummViewer to provide people with a device that helps them appreciate the hummingbird so that everyone can access the magic of this bird without having to take a master class in birdwatching. The HummViewer is the perfect solution whether you’ve been interested in birdwatching and are unsure about where to start or are looking for a new way to get outside and enjoy your surroundings.
HummViewer sells its wearable hummingbird feeders and accompanying accessories for $69.95 on
Founded by husband and wife, John and Joan Creed, HummViewer creates wearable hummingbird feeder masks that offer users an observational sensory experience of one of nature’s most amazing creatures. The HummViewer allows for multiple ways to experience hummingbirds up close by wearing the device as a mask, setting it on a surface, holding it by hand or hanging it like a traditional birdfeeder. Learn more at
KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky is a social entrepreneur working to build bridges across lines of difference. With the introduction of KIND ‘s fruit and nut bars in 2004, Daniel created an entirely new snacking category. He has since grown KIND into a multi-billion-dollar global health and wellness brand known for its promise to lead with nutritionally dense ingredients and for its mission to make the world a little kinder. The son of a Holocaust survivor, he conceived of civic initiatives OneVoice, Empatico, and Starts With Us to foster empathy and empower individuals to practice daily habits that move our culture away from extreme, divisive, and hateful positions. Daniel is the author of The New York Times bestseller Do the KIND Thing, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of SOMOS – a brand of delicious food from the heart of Mexico – and a recurring shark on Shark Tank. Learn more at and follow Daniel at @daniellubetzky
Equilibra Ventures, founded by Daniel Lubetzky in 2018, incubates, operates and invests in entrepreneur-run businesses to help them grow successful businesses that generate enduring value. Equilibra values innovation with integrity and deploys its best-in-class team to help entrepreneurs build brands with the power to change people’s lives for the better. Learn more at
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