The Most Amazing Small Town in New Jersey to Explore –

Getting in the car and taking a drive in New Jersey is always a fun thing to do. Jersey is great because it is small and usually you can get to any part of the state to explore within 2 hours. Perfect for day trips and weekend adventures. We love picking out a town and then just setting out to discover what it's like. The more unique the better.
Another nice thing that I enjoy about exploring Jersey is that it is cost-effective. Since we are a small state it costs less to travel to various points. Let's face it in today's economy it helps to spend less and you can do weekend adventures in the Garden State without breaking the bank. A way to save some money, if you have the extra time, is to look on your GPS for "no-toll" roads. Save a few dollars and see some cool sites along the way onm your adventure.
One thing I must do during these adventures is to bring my camera, my trusty Nikon D5600, nothing professional but perfect for me and my photo library 😉 It's not an adventure without taking some keepsake pics. That is my souvenir, my photos from our adventures.
In our search for places to visit in Jersey, we always love when we see destinations recommended to explore. This latest information comes from Pure Wow, which listed some of the best "small towns" in New Jersey.
Pure Wow has selected Frenchtown as the best "small town" in New Jersey. "Today, it includes a small downtown of fun bobo (that’s boho chic to you and me) shops, including a gemstone gallery, a petrified wood gallery, art galleries and gift shops, plus a dedicated men’s store that carries everything from glassware to vintage threads to cowboy boots. There’s also a shop solely dedicated to the zodiac with tarot card readings—naturally—and a handful of tiny juice and coffee shops, including one that's dedicated to coffee and chocolate. Our must-visit, though, is Frenchtown Pottery, where you will score high-quality local, handmade bowls and plates."
Frenchtown is located in Hunterdon County and is nestled on the Delaware River about 30 miles from Trenton. The bridge, the Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Bridge, is a photo destination.
So have you explored Frenchtown? Have any recommendations? Please share your reviews because we always love getting your input and happy exploring.