This season’s first penguin chick born near Ukrainian Antarctic Station – Yahoo News

According to the researchers, the penguin chick is “incredibly cute, very tiny, but it’s already quietly squeaking.” However, it is not yet possible to determine its gender.
“Monitoring the penguin nests on our Galindez Island is part of the biologists’ daily work, but now we have calculated in days that the penguins should just start hatching from the first eggs,” said biologist Marta Dzindra.
“We checked the nests at Penguin Point, where the first ones were found in November – it was quiet there. Then we went to nearby Cape Pigeon Rocks. We approached the nests, quieted down and heard the chick’s very quiet voice, and then we saw his proud mother.”
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The falling debris can be seen shoving aside a pickup truck parked below the cliff.
A strong winter storm will develop over Colorado on Monday. Snow will begin in the mountains in the morning and will develop over Denver and the northeast plains Monday night. Snowfall in the mountains will be 8-16 inches, the Denver area will see lighter amounts of 2-4 inches through Tuesday. Blizzard conditions can be expect northeast of Denver and across the northeast quarter of Colorado on Tuesday – road closures will be likely along I-76 and vicinity from Fort Morgan to Julesburg.
The most important thing is to not panic, survival expert Cat Bigney told Insider: "It's kind of a grim situation, but people have survived."
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An enormous cross-country storm that will unleash blizzard conditions in the northern United States and potentially trigger a severe weather outbreak in the South this week also has its sights set on the Northeast. AccuWeather meteorologists expect the enormous storm to create a spinoff system near the Atlantic coast that is likely to bury some locations of the interior Northeast with a foot or more of snow later this week as well as trigger areas of icy conditions and coastal flooding. "A storm
Moon, a humpback whale, traveled from Canada to Hawaii with a severe spinal injury from a ship strike. Researchers say she will not return.
Feet of snow had fallen in the central Sierra Nevada by Sunday morning.
Brawley resident and Executive Director of Our Roots Multicultural Center discusses the consequences of the Salton Sea water deal.
Northeastern plains under blizzard warning and northern mountains winter weather advisory: What to know about timing, travel impacts, snowfall totals.
The impending system will stretch from the Prairies to the Gulf of Mexico, bringing everything from ripping blizzards to a threat for tornadoes.
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It's the third storm this month, but not enough to impact the current drought. However, fire officials say a wet winter does help with the dry fuels.
A powerful storm is expected to roll into Colorado beginning Monday afternoon dropping up to a foot of snow in the mountains and 1” to 4" in the Denver area by the time it passes through the state.
A magnitude 6.0 earthquake was reported Sunday at 6:31 a.m. Pacific time two miles from Corral Falso, Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
The city is nearing the completion of a $600-million project that will revitalize a long-contaminated water source and Superfund site.
Gov. Kristi Noem ordered Monday afternoon that all state government executive branch offices close Tuesday for an impending winter storm.
Winds gusted up to 45 mph in Carmichael.
Moon the humpback whale's spine is bent in an "S" after she was struck by a vessel, and she likely won't survive a return journey, researchers say.