Tennessee Bear Caught Red-Handed Opening Up Car Door to Get a Snack [WATCH] – wkdq.com

Is it just me or do bears seem to be getting a lot smarter than we thought they were? Maybe they always were this smart. The only difference is that we are getting so much closer to their natural habitat as we build resorts, cabins, and homes in the woods and mountains, we are seeing just how intelligent and cunning bears really are.
I guess it's because they kind of just moseying along like they aren't really paying attention and that we think they aren't really that smart. But, according to PBS,
See, bears are super smart. Yogi wasn't kidding around.
The bear in this video was so smart he opened a car door to get a snack from inside. Here is what the family who took the video of the bear getting into their car had to say.

[Viral Hog via Rumble]