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Dallasites are a lucky bunch. In about two hours, we can go from taking a seat on a plane at either local airport to sipping a cold margarita on a warm beach in Mexico. Before we finish one Mexico vacation, we are already planning the next. But what if you don’t have to wish for the next vacation? You don’t, when you live in Mexico–or you can visit as often as you’d like if you invest in property there.
But where is the ideal place to purchase property in Mexico? Check out Huatulco, Oaxaca.
This is Mexico’s up-and-coming gem, and you can get there on a three-hour, direct flight from Dallas. Currently, American Airlines offers direct flights from Dallas to Huatulco all winter long and several months during the summer. Huatulco has it all—sports-fishing, world-renowned cuisine, 36 beaches, and an oceanfront golf course. Located on the coast of Oaxaca, Huatulco is not short of folklore—or mezcal cocktails. Here, colorful culture and friendly locals await and will enamor you and your entire family.
Valerie Ann Verhalen, a Dallas native and real estate agent with Resort Real Estate, visited Huatulco two decades ago and knew right away she had to call it home. And she did. Twenty-two years later, she is helping people find their own piece of real estate heaven in Huatulco so they can either become permanent residents like she did or use their home as an investment vacation property.
“People have quickly learned that the rental revenue they get from their homes in Huatulco can cover their expenses, and then some,” she says. “Plus, the cost of living here is much more affordable than in Texas, or even most of Mexico. You can own a home in Huatulco for a third of the price of a home in Cabo. For about $1 million, you can have a sensational, 4,000-square-foot oceanfront home. Enjoy it with friends and family when you are here and lease it out when you aren’t. With our company, you can simply plug- and-play. You purchase the home through us, and then use our vacation rental division to handle all the leasing details.”
Verhalen urges her clients to appreciate all Mexico vacation destinations, such as Cabo and Cancun, but to think bigger—different—when considering where to invest in property. Huatulco is where majestic mountains and lush jungles meet the warm, deep blue waters of nine secluded bays and 36 picturesque beaches that comprise Huatulco’s Pacific Coastline. Earning EarthCheck Gold in 2010 and platinum in 2020, Huatulco is not only beautiful, but sustainable. Huatulco has one of the largest biodiversity in Mexico, with a national park, and benefits from both ocean and high-mountain diversity. It is home to endemic trees and birds that avid bird watchers from around the world come to see. Just a half-hour from Huatulco is the largest turtle nesting in the world, Escobilla, which is also an ideal place for whale watching. 
With easy airport access; wide, clean roads; purified tap water; and a focus on low-density developments, Huatulco remains one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets.
With an ever-growing number of international flights, endless outdoor activities, stunning properties in every architectural style, and a thriving real estate market, it’s no wonder Huatulco has become so popular among discerning travelers and investors. “I have had clients purchase colonial hacienda-style homes, modern Mexican homes, contemporary homes—world-renowned architects have designed beautiful homes throughout Huatulco, and more are setting their sights here,” Verhalen says. “I can also connect my clients with remodelers, designers, and contractors to update or remodel properties.”
Huatulco is known for its art, food, culture, and people—the very things people love experiencing on vacation, so why not indulge every day? “Wake up to the sun rising over the ocean. Enjoy a cup of locally grown coffee. Rest. Indulge in a beach massage. Sip a hibiscus margarita by the pool. Siesta. Savor dinner from a private chef. Take a warm, midnight swim at your favorite beach. Then repeat,” Verhalen says. “This is real life in Huatulco.”
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