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Boasting an impressive 218,055 acres and a stunning collection of forests, streams, and lakes, Voyageurs National Park is a dream destination for many
Travelers who love outdoor adventure may already know much about Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. Yet I’m sure there is still a lot left for them to discover there. When traveling to Voyageurs National Park is good for travelers to allow themselves a long, three-day weekend to enjoy one of the best parks in the US. The park does close on national holidays, so travelers will likely need to use some vacation time to get the extra day off, but it's totally worth it.
Travelers will have many activities to choose from at Voyageurs National Park. For travelers who want to get the most out of their time at the park, here is a three-day itinerary for Voyageurs National Park. This park is an absolute must-visit.
Boasting an impressive 218,055 acres and a stunning collection of forests, streams, and lakes, Voyageurs National Park is a dream destination for many who love the outdoors. The park is a unique ecosystem, marking the transition between land and aquatic ecosystems. With an assortment of exposed rock ridges, cliffs, and wetlands leading into the lakes of the park, it is home to diverse wildlife both above and below the water.
This park is popular in both the warm and cold months of the year for a variety of activities. During the warm months taking a boat out on the lake and hiking are popular activities. In the colder months, snowmobiling on the lake and snowshoeing become quite popular.
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Travelers looking for the best information about the park should reach out to the Rainy Lake Visitor Center. They are reachable by phone and will have the most up-to-date information. It is recommended that travelers reach out to them before planning a trip.
The first thing travelers should take care of after arriving at Voyageurs National Park is to set up their camp, so they will have a home base for all of their adventures. Afterward, the first day is best used to explore the terrain of the park. The best way for travelers to do that is to get out and enjoy a hike. After a day of hiking, travelers can return to their camp for some traditional campfire activities and perhaps even some star gazing.
This trail winds its way through the narrow rocky path. The route allows travelers incredible vantage points over the surrounding landscape, including views of the boreal forest and Kabetogama Lake. This trail is a lollipop-style loop that has a little of everything, even the chance to spot wildlife like deer.
On this route, travelers will venture through deciduous and conifer forests and a trail that twists its way around the edge of a cattail-filled wetland. It continues on past rocks deposited by glaciers long ago.
Travelers who want to catch sight of the handy work of beavers and perhaps a beaver itself will love his hike through an aspen and pine forest that leads to a rocky outcrop high above a beaver pond. The beavers are incredibly active in this pond, and the trail is also a great route for bird watching or catching sight of larger animals.
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Travelers arriving at the park during the warmer months of the year should give house boating a try on their second day in the park. They will be able to enjoy meals on the boat and even take naps if they wish as they explore the beautiful habitat of the lake. Exploring the rugged shoreline, waterways, and stunning wildlife of the lake on a houseboat would be an incredible experience to have.
During the winter months, the lakes freeze over, and the park opens 110 miles of staked and groomed trails for snowmobiling. Land areas, like rock faces, are off-limits to snowmobilers, but they are well-marked, too, so travelers will know that they are safe. Much of the lake can be explored by snowmobile, adding a unique way to experience it.
Travelers will be able to use the below contact information to reach out to the park for information on either renting a houseboat or snowmobiling.
True fishermen know that it is a year-round sport and that regardless of warm or cold weather, it is easy to have a great time fishing. On the last day of this adventure, it is recommended that travelers wake up early to get some fishing in before it's time to break down camp. With fifty-four fish species identified in the park’s aquatic ecosystem, fishermen will have the chance to make an exciting catch.
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