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These Pokemon might not be Ice types, but they are very n-ice!
Snow-covered routes are a common element of Pokemon games, serving as the main place to find Ice-type Pokemon. Ice types have been a part of the series since Generation 1 and give off major winter vibes, often with white coloring, shaggy fur, and ice-like crystals. Ice types tend to have a distinct look.
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However, some Pokemon looks can be deceiving, as there are a handful of Pokemon who fit into the winter theme, yet aren’t Ice types. Whether they’re based on Arctic animals or give off a chilly demeanor, it’s quite a surprise that these Pokemon aren’t Ice types.
Piplup and its evolutions, Prinplup and Empoleon, are the perfect winter-themed Pokemon, as they resemble the most adorable creature that lives in Antarctica: penguins. Perhaps most surprising out of this list, these three Pokemon are not Ice types.
Piplup is the Water-type starter Pokemon in Generation 4. Empoleon, its final evolution, is a Water and Steel dual type. Considering the wintery nature of this penguin, it is surprising that Empoleon doesn’t take on Ice as its secondary type. Regardless, all three of these penguin-like Pokemon can learn Ice-type moves.
With Christmas on the brain as winter begins, reindeer become a popular symbol and decoration during the season. This makes sense, given reindeer live in the cold, northern parts of the world. The Pokemon who resemble reindeer the closest are Stantler and its Hisuian evolution Wyrdeer.
Stantler is a Normal-type Pokemon first appearing in Generation 2., and Wyrdeer is its evolution, introduced much later in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Wyrdeer is a dual-type, adding the Psychic-type designation. With its white and gray fur, it has even more of a winter-themed look than Stantler.
Deerling and its evolution Sawsbuck are among the most unique Pokemon, as they change appearance based on the seasons. Both are Normal and Grass dual types, regardless of seasonal form. Even though the Grass-type designation seems opposite of the wintery vibe, Deerling and Sawsbuck’s Winter Forms do a good job matching the frosty theme.
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In its Winter Form, Deerling has brown fur, giving it a more muted look than the bright colors of its other seasonal forms and resembling bare, leafless branches. Sawsbuck improves on its prior evolution’s wintery look, possessing puffy white fur and stark white antlers, giving it the impression of fresh snow.
As Xerneas also resembles a deer, it fits into the winter theme as well. Plus, its blue coloring matches the chilly hues of the season. In its Shiny form, which uses two different tones of blue with cream-colored accents, it gives off even more winter vibes. Its antlers also glow with multiple colors when powering up, giving off the impression of Christmas lights.
Xerneas is the main Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon X, one of the Generation 6 entries. It is a Fairy type, but can also learn a couple of Ice type moves like Aurora Beam, which is a move reminiscent of the Arctic auroras that light up the night sky.
Another winter-themed Legendary Pokemon is Kyogre, the Water-type Pokemon who resembles an orca whale. One of the Legendaries from Generation 3, it is the mascot of Pokemon Sapphire, and its remake, Alpha Sapphire.
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Kyogre’s orca inspiration gives it a frosty appearance, as orcas are primarily found in Arctic and Antarctic waters. Its blue coloring also adds to its wintery demeanor. It can also learn Ice-type moves, like Blizzard and Ice Beam. Most impressively, it’s the only non-Ice type that can learn the move Sheer Cold, a one-hit KO attack.
Jirachi resembles a pale star, bringing to mind images of the Star of Bethlehem so commonly seen in Christmas decorations during winter. Its starry shape is also reminiscent of winter’s longer nights. The Winter Solstice in December, after all, is the longest night of the year. Its white coloring and light teal stripes also give it a wintery appearance.
Jirachi is one of the Mythical Pokemon from Generation 3. It is a Steel and Psychic type, but can learn a couple of select Ice-type moves, too.
While Dewgong is a dual Ice and Water type, its prior form, Seel, is solely a Water type. As a Pokemon that resembles a seal, an animal that lives mostly in icy waters, Seel naturally fits into the winter theme by looks alone.
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Seel also has several frosty characteristics that add to its wintery look. According to the Pokedex, it thrives in freezing cold temperatures. It can also learn several Ice-type moves. It also may possess a Hidden Ability that only Ice types normally have: Ice Body, which heals Pokemon in a hail storm.
Similar in looks to Seel, Popplio is the Sea Lion Pokemon. While some sea lions do live in warmer climates, they are also known to live in Antarctic regions as the natural predator of the penguin. Due to Popplio’s inspiration, they fit well into the winter theme.
Popplio is the Water-type starter Pokemon of Generation 7. Though it is from Alola, a tropical region, Popplio’s dark blue and white coloring fit into the winter aesthetic. Popplio can also learn a few Ice-type moves through TMs.
As a dual Ghost and Fire type, Litwick may not initially come to mind as a winter-themed Pokemon. However, candles are often used to light up homes and windows with soft light during long winter nights. Also, who doesn’t love a lighting a fire during the cold of winter? It’s easy to imagine Litwick lighting up its Trainer’s home during a cold winter night.
Litwick’s color palette also uses cooler tones, further fitting into the winter theme, with its candle-like body taking on a gray-white hue and its tiny flame burning with a blue-purple light.
Alcremie is the Cream Pokemon, a Fairy-type introduced in Generation 8. As a play on a chilled dessert, Alcremie is reminiscent of winter desserts and whipped cream used to top hot chocolate or a rich peppermint mocha.
Alcremie even has different flavor forms that give it different colors. If you have a Milcery, Alcremie’s prior form, you can control which flavor it evolves into based on your spins, time of day, and the sweet Milcery’s holding. The Mint Cream Alcremie fits even better into the winter theme than the basic Vanilla Cream variety, as mint is a popular wintery flavor.
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