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From erupting volcanoes erupting outside your window to glass domes hanging over a waterfall, these are the luxury hotels of our dreams.
The world is filled with many hotels and each comes with a different kind of uniqueness. While many people simply build hotels like regular houses, some have gotten creative with these accommodations which is why there are underwater hotels, cave hotels, and uniquely-themed hotels around the world today. Although many interesting hotels have been created, there’s still room for more hotel creativity. The hotels on this list may be unique and not yet in the world, but they are definitely available for booking in your wildest dreams.
The Mythical Cave hotel is a hotel perfectly suited for lovers of a nomadic lifestyle combined with luxury. Situated inside a large cave, this hotel rises up to 10 stories high and features a stunning architectural design that will make visitors feel like they are in a completely different universe.
Imagine rooms endowed with luxurious amenities and unique lighting that reflects the state of the environment. That's what the Mythical Cave Hotel will be about. On a stormy day, one could expect to see the room transformed into a space of storm-like colors while a bright sunny day will come with warm lighting that makes one feel like they’re sleeping in a desert with air conditioning. It’s the kind of hotel that James Bond would spend the night in before flying on an air balloon to get to his next target probably in a nearby tunnel.
The Treehouse Hotel will be perfect for those who love the Harry Potter kind of lifestyle where people have magical homes on trees and birds are the neighbors. The Treehouse Hotel will be beautifully built into a massive tree with lots of branches and leaves that will protect guests from the heat of the sun.
Several cabins will be available here for all types of travelers including families with children and each room will offer amazing views of the surrounding trees and a picturesque ocean. With connected branches and surrounding vast forests, visitors will be able to easily go on a tree-hopping adventure with the forest below their feet.
The Cliff Edge Hotel will sit elegantly at the edge of a massive cliff approximately 100 m above the ground. Built like the precariously positioned monasteries of Greece, this hotel is perfect for daring travelers seeking to explore their brave side.
The rooms at the hotel will come with luxurious amenities and world-class furnishings and picturesque views. Visitors here will have the option to choose between rooms with ocean views or those with views of the mountains.
The Glass Pods Jungle Hotel will offer a luxurious eco-lodging experience. Tucked deep in a dense jungle, this hotel will welcome visitors into spacious glass pods equipped with luxurious amenities and endowed with picturesque views of the surrounding jungle. Beneath the glass pods, there will be a scenic river flowing gently, with birds will always singing in the background.
Whether one chooses to lie on the bed and watch the charming natural scenery or take a walk into the dense jungle to explore the fauna and flora of this area, the experience at this hotel promises to be unforgettable.
The Waterfall Hotel is a massive hotel that’s surrounded by waterfalls and lots of beautiful plants. Every room here will have luxurious amenities and amazing views of endless cascades.
There will be access to the massive pool at the foot of the waterfall and the surrounding lush forest will even create opportunities for exciting adventures like bird watching and scenic hiking.
The Grand Canyon Hotel is a luxury hotel created in the heart of the Grand Canyon to bring travelers close to nature’s great works. From this hotel, one will have magnificent views of the rocks and the vast landscape of the area. The hotel will even feature several outdoor pools which will be lined up with chairs and sun lounges to keep visitors comfortable in the desert heat of this place.
Rooms at this hotel will also feature massive glass walls that ensure visitors always have fantastic views of the surrounding rocky landscape of the Grand Canyon.
Many hotels have harnessed the idea of a hotel on water, but none will probably get it as right as the Grand Aqua Hotel. Should this hotel ever exist, it will be situated right in the middle of a scenic water body surrounded by lush forests and towered by a massive mountain.
Besides the scenery and uniqueness, this hotel will come with great size and impressive architecture. It will feature more than 400 rooms; some will even be underwater where there will be views of unique marine life and the underwater scenery.
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Frozen Luxury Hotel is the type of hotel that will make visitors feel like Kings and Queens in a winter wonderland. Surrounded by shiny large blocks of ice and snow, this hotel could only exist in a dream. All over the hotel, there will be sights of pure and reflecting structures and the rooms will even be decorated with massive blocks of ice and silver furnishings.
The rooms will feature touches of precious gems such as – emeralds and diamonds to make them even more enchanting. The area’s months-long dark seasons and the frequent flashes of the beautiful aurora borealis will also make a stay at this hotel unforgettable.
The Luxury Space Hotel aims to make space travel more exciting for space travelers but for now, it only exists in the imaginative space. The hotel will feature rooms with lots of glass windows that enable one to have uninterrupted views of the earth, the stars, and other things in the Milky Way. The unique lighting and design of the rooms will make guests at this hotel feel like they’re dreaming.
While many space travelers usually settle for the limited list of space food, this hotel will have real food and the atmosphere of the hotel’s dining will make it possible to enjoy the real taste of the food even while in space.
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Volcanoes are dangerous and often avoided but the idea of spending the night in a volcano hotel is truly exciting. In the imaginative space, where it exists, the Volcano Hotel will offer visitors a chance to spend the night inside a volcano with lava flowing in different parts of the hotel. The hotel will most likely be built using Alien technology, so it can withstand the heat and ferociousness of eruptions.
Several sensors and super meteorological devices will be installed in the hotel to ensure the building and its guests are informed about any incoming danger probably three days prior to any major danger. With the volcano always active, visitors will surely enjoy 24-hours shows of the active volcano from their rooms at this imaginary hotel.
This unique hotel will welcome visitors to stay in a glass pod hanging on a mountain with a waterfall flowing beautifully by the side. A stay here will have guests sleeping to the sounds of the waterfall and waking up to the sights of the beautiful waterfall decorated by a rainbow.
Each hanging pod will have leaves and trees growing beside them and one will literally touch these plants from one’s window. Some rooms here even have stairs that lead right to the foot of the waterfall. It will certainly feel magical.
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