Watch Indiana Bird Get Big Surprise From Security Cam Doorbell –

Birds are amazing creatures. So much of what they can do defies what we as humans find impossible to do. From the hummingbirds and their thousands of mile journey to south America using tiny wings to the Bluebird's life commitment to their partner, birds are incredible.
Because of my mom's love of birds that she passed down to me, all year long, I have filled bird feeders in my yard. I love to watch the birds feed throughout the day. I even have six Bluebird houses in my backyard.
Every once in a while, they'll come up to the window and perch on the sill as if to say thank you. Maybe that's what this bird was trying to do. Ether that, or deliver a package.
A family in Indianapolis, Indiana, caught a bird trying to ring their doorbell. After many attempts, it finally hits the sweet spot.


Maybe, that bird will think twice the next time it decides to try to ring a doorbell.
[Viral Hog via Rumble]