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There are many benefits to having backyard chickens. I know this. I've flirted with the idea. They eat bugs, produce eggs, and taste pretty good when mixed with eleven herbs and spices.
Also, have you seen the price of eggs lately?
But before you go fowl…find out how many chickens it's legal for you to own inside Amarillo city limits.
The rules regarding backyard chickens in Amarillo all pretty much hinge on one main factor. How many acres do you have?
In Amarillo, you can have four (4) chickens per quarter-acre. Less than a quarter? No chickens.
When it comes to roosters, the most recent info I've found is that the number of roosters can't exceed 25% of a flock.
I lived next to a guy who thought a rooster would be a great addition to his backyard barnyard. The stupid thing must have been blind, because it only crowed in the dead of night when everyone was asleep.
If you have a least a quarter of an acre to spare, I suppose it might be. Are you ready to take care of the birds and the coop the way you should so they don't spread parasites and that ungodly smell?
Then go for it. If you don't know what those things mean, then you might want to educate yourself or at least watch a YouTube video first.
This is the issue I had with my neighbor. He thought he was sticking it to the man by getting his chickens and rooster. He was tired of paying a rich man's price for something as simple as an egg.
He was standing up for the working man, and being a total jerk about it.
His coop was right up against my fence. His rooster was loud at the worst of times. The smell still haunts me. It drove my dog insane any time I let him out in the backyard.
I get wanting to live the self sustaining, off grid lifestyle. I have plans for it myself, but not at the expense of everyone around me. Also, if you happen to decide you're going to fight the law on this one, you'll possibly wind up winning a misdemeanor as a prize.
If you have any questions, a good place to start asking would be with Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare.