So Merry! This NJ Christmas Tree Farm Selling Colored Live Trees –

These Christmas trees are amazing. YOU can have a pink Christmas tree.
These are the coolest Christmas trees on the block. Once again this very cool New Jersey Christmas tree farm will have colored live trees:
Wykoff's Christmas Tree Farm brings us some really cool colors: pink, purple, dark blue, light blue, turquoise, magenta, red, black, or white.
Wykoff's phone number to see what colors they have is 908-475-4508. Their email for any questions about their Christmas trees is Wykoff's is located at 246 County Road 519 in Belvidere, NJ 07823.
Can you even imagine having that beautiful purple Christmas tree in your living room, I love it?
So neat, right? I find these just so festive. Imagine a giant pink Christmas tree in your front window and your neighbors saying, "Check out their tree, honey." This could be you. The kids will love decorating it.
Opening Day for Wykoff's is Black Friday. For more information click here
From Wykoff's websiteWyckoff’s Christmas tree Farm begins the season with over 7,000 trees to pick from. In order to increase options available for our customers, the Wyckoff family will be offering Cut-Your-Own-Trees, as well as Fresh Cut Trees for your convenience. Wyckoff’s is equipped for Tree Drilling for Pin Tree Stands, which are available for purchase. Wyckoff’s also has Shakers and will shake your tree before baling it, to rid your tree of dead needles. Our cut-your-own-tree process makes it possible to set up your Christmas tree in just a few minutes.
Wykoff's Christmas tree farm also has a Christmas barn with Christmas decorations that is open daily.