Aroused Deer Breaks Into Wisconsin Home After Falling In Love With Holiday Decoration – 97X

"Prancer had an unwelcomed suitor."
A couple in Milwaukee Wisconsin encountered a strange home intruder this week. A full-grown buck charged through the front door and into the living room.
The deer became afraid and wandered through the house, trapping itself upstairs.
“I didn’t realize it was a deer until it came out of the living room,” Richard Sujecki said. “It didn’t go through the door where it could have gotten out. Instead, it ran right past me and up the steps.”
“If you tell anybody, nobody can believe that a full-grown deer is trapped upstairs in your house and can’t find its way out,” Sue Sujecki said.
While the scared deer was trapped it was wreaking havoc within the house, knocking things over, breaking glass, and bleeding all over their things, it even poked holes in the ceiling with its big antlers.
“He was bleeding from his mouth and his leg, and he looked through every window,” Sue Sujecki said.
The deer was wandering around the house trapped for 3 hours. Eventually, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources showed up and was able to calm the deer and get it out of the house.
DNR Warden Eric Anderson said, “With the help of other officers, we were able to scare it out of the room it was trapped into. And because we had all the other doors closed off, we were able to direct it back down the stairs and back out the front door.”
“I just appreciate the DNR people. We couldn’t have done it,” Sue Sujecki said.
Anderson was unsure of what exactly caused the deer to run inside the home, but he believes the holiday reindeer outside may have looked like a nice mate for the buck.
The Sujeckis tend to agree. “This is Dasher and Prancer,” Sue Sujecki said, pointing out her reindeer decorations. “And Prancer had an unwelcomed suitor.”
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