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Monday, November 14, 2022
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November 14: OBX Visitors Bureau asks residents to take tourism survey/OBX Jeep Charities making an impact in Dare County/Top finishers in OBX Marathon.
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By on November 11, 2022
In an interview with the Voice six months ago, Outer Banks Visitors Bureau Executive Director Lee Nettles said Dare County was committed to examining the issue of sustainable tourism and to trying to strike the right balance between the level of tourism needed to fuel the local economy and the level of tourism that brings adverse impacts, particularly to local residents.
That is a subject that inspires impassioned debate and strong opinions among many local residents, including those who worry that the Outer Banks will become “another Myrtle Beach” and some who say it has already travelled too far in that direction.
“The level of visitation that we’ve had in the last year and a half is not necessarily sustainable,” Nettles acknowledged in that Voice interview back in May, “particularly when you combine it with a limited workforce and some of the other challenges we’ve got…There’s a price for that growth. The impacts of tourism are both positive and negative.”
To that end, the Visitors Bureau has hired a company out of British Columbia to work on developing a long-term tourism management plan, a project expected to take the better part of a year. One of the first goals, Nettles explained, is “community engagement activity, where we really want to bring folks together and let’s have a conversation, let’s figure out what are our shared values, what do we think it is that makes this place so special…”
Earlier this week, the Visitors Bureau sent out this information about a resident survey that is designed to be part of this community conversation. The survey solicits residents’ views, among other things, on the value of tourism and what constitutes the right amount of tourism: the kind of tourists the bureau should focus on attracting; how well the county is managing the current level of tourism; and the impact of tourism on your or your family.
Here is the release.
“The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau is embarking on a process to develop a Long Range Tourism Management Plan for the community.
In creating this plan, it is important for all voices to be heard, including the voices of our residents and non-resident property owners. We know that tourism development can have both positive and negative implications for the quality of life. We believe that making the Outer Banks a better place to live and work will also make it a more appealing place to visit.
We would sincerely appreciate your time to share and complete the quick survey below, which will take approximately 15 minutes. Survey responses are anonymous, and emails will not be used for any other purposes. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6V7CL9R.”

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Why don’t we quit all the more, more, more attitude, stop building mini-hotels and real hotels, get away from the idea that if we don’t keep chasing dollars we’re going to perish and just relax for a few years? Somebody is making a great deal of money, which is the impetus for all the forward motion, but if we just stop for a few years we can acclimate to the present status, learn to enjoy life and be content. We don’t have to be continually grasping for more, more, more!
What was once 1 of the most beautiful things about this place was the gift of being able to see the ocean. Now its nothing but housing which the locals can’t afford. Stop letting everyone be able to turn houses into Airbnbs.
No more mini motels on the beach.
Those that say I’m ignorant luckily have the right to call me names as much as I have the right to say what I feel. Get rid of the tourist trap junk and replace it with higher class attractions and emeneties. Make the area less attractive for the run of the mill tourists that come here to trash the beach and buy plastic trinkets. Those folks will still have places like Virginia Beach, Ocean City, MD and Myrtle Beach to welcome them with open arms.

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