They Got People With Crazy Laughs Together on One Stage – 97X

I've been told I have a unique laugh.  Maybe that's a nice way of saying I've got an annoying laugh and I'm ok with that. I love to laugh.  Even if it's annoying to everyone else, I'll continue to laugh my butt off.
If you find yourself in a similar position, I hope you continue too.  Forget the haters!
We've all got that one friend who's laugh is contagious.  They're generous with their laughter and it makes those around them want to laugh too.  They're usually a great person to be around.  Which makes sense, I guess.  Because those who DON'T laugh are no fun to be around.
Then again, we've all got that one friend who's laugh we hope isn't contagious.  It's usually a loud laugh that gets noticed.  You have to tamp down the humor when they're around you in public because if they get going…people are going to notice.  People are going to stare.
There was a French TV show that got people together who all have unique laughs.  They put pictures behind them that resemble the kind of laugh they have.  For instance, one lady has a chicken behind her because her laugh sounds like a chicken.  There's the car horn, the pig, the seagull, the donkey…etc.
Use this as a "Try Not To Laugh" Challenge.  You'll lose!