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Pottstown has hired a principal for each of the four grade levels in the middle school. I remember when middle schools and high schools had one principal and maybe two vice principals at most. All these administrators and no improvement in scholastic achievement. The school boards continue to cave in to the teachers’ union and rob the taxpayers.
I made a mistake and believed news reports about the “attack” on Paul Pelosi. NBC News has reported that Paul Pelosi’s attacker was in his home for 30 minutes before police arrived and Pelosi actually opened the door for police and moved away from police and closer to his “attacker.” The full and complete truth about this attack has yet to be fully revealed. Getting the police bodycam video would be helpful.
Ruth Mutter
The Phillies almost bought themselves a World Series title. Not impressed. I guess if you use millions and millions of dollars to lure a bunch of players from other teams, anything is possible. Not impressed. The only reason they were even in the playoffs was that MLB added another team this year. Not impressed.
As a young farmer, I was told we will always have cheap food so the citizens won’t overthrow the government. AARP magazine price comparisons 1970 to today: Bananas lb. 16 cents — 64 cents; dozen eggs 61 cents — $3.12; 501 Levi jeans $7 — $69; Medicare Part B $5.30 — $170; box seat Yankee Stadium $4 — $265; college tuition $1,674 — $29,033; a house $24,400 — $440,300. Democrats and Republicans are still here
Ole Farmer 2
The clocks turned back last weekend. I hope the Democrats go back to a time when they had morals, values, common sense and appreciation, respect, and loyalty for the constitution.
No matter our differences, we should never accept violence from anyone. The remarks that have been made on FOX News are disgusting and they need to apologize to Nancy Pelosi. For Eric Trump to post a photo making fun of the assault on Pelosi is disgusting. Violence is not acceptable.
Just A Retired Guy
People don’t keep watching “The Grinch” to see him learn the meaning of Christmas. They watch in hopes that maybe this year he’ll win.
Bill Wilson
I know Democrats won’t understand this, but spending 25 million for a footbridge in Phoenix, Arizona, over a dry riverbed is not infrastructure. It is not a transportation project, and yet Pete Buttigieg was there celebrating this as a transportation project. The bridge is for bird watchers.
Shirley Huck
I love reading the radical Republican Sound Offers posts. They continue to make the point that we need to better fund our education systems. If after reading Missy Miss(es) or utterly confused Mel’s incoherent and uneducated posts, you don’t think we need better education in Pa., there is no helping you either. Bless radical Republicans’ hearts.
Joy Reid on MSNBC is telling the 10 people who watch her show that Republicans are teaching everyone the word “inflation”. She never heard anyone using that word before the mid-term elections. Just like they taught everyone these phrases: “multiple stab wounds”, “mostly peaceful protests”, “high gas prices”, “over 60 shot in Chicago”, “cashless bail”, “Fentanyl Overdose”, “flashmob trashes Wawa”, etc. Allegedly she graduated from Harvard, evidently, inflation is too big a word for Harvard.
It seems we’re being told that there a lot of everyday products we use contain some cancer-causing ingredient. So when I go to look at the ingredients of what I’m using, I can’t read it without a microscope.
Last night 9 people were shot in Philadelphia outside a Kensington bar. The lawlessness in Philadelphia fostered and nurtured by Democrat District Attorney Larry Krasner continues unabated. The crime is headed to the greater Tri-county Area. Hopefully, the PA Legislature will impeach and convict Larry Krasner before it is too late to save us from the Democrat’s out-of-control crime.
Michael Stern
No one doubted Obama when he said there were 57 states in 2008, but yesterday Biden said there are 54 states. So what did Biden do with the other 3 states?
Billy G.
Today’s semiconductor leader is China. China manufactures incalculable numbers of cell phones. China is also leading the world in building coal-fired electricity plants (184 under construction). Germany is turning away from wind turbines and solar panels and using coal to produce electricity. Joe Biden is talking about destroying the USA by shutting down “unreliable” coal plants and replacing them with “reliable” wind turbines. Biden will have a legacy as the worst president in history.
Inflation is so high that my favorite rapper changed his name from 50 Cent to 75 Cent.
Grant W.
Basic lesson in economics. January 2019, COVID arrives in the US from China, Washington is slow to react,
COVID spreads rapidly. People reduce driving, dining out, shopping. Fuel prices drop, people stop working due to lack of demand. Prices drop, Oil production cut. We start recovering from COVID, people drive, demand goes up for everything, production still down, prices rise. Biden reacts slowly, still paying people to stay home, making it worse. Missteps by both administrations!
The Moderate
So now, according to the addled occupant of the Oval Office, airline seats are racist. And marginalized people, especially people of color, don’t know how to select their seats before purchasing them. It must be some kind of racist MAGA Republican conspiracy. But know what, every one of those marginalized people, including people of color, know how to get an ID. Rufus wants the madness to stop!
God determined the sex of each person born. This cannot be changed no matter how many drugs are taken or operations performed. He made only two sexes. Two sexes were made so they could reproduce. This is also true of all the animals He created. A very simple plan created by God.
When I was a kid in high school if someone didn’t believe in science it was just called failing.
Joe Biden’s White House Propaganda Press Secretary is no longer even trying to respond to journalists with scripted lies. Now she just refuses to even acknowledge the questions she doesn’t like or doesn’t have a decent lie for. When even the leftist lamestream media turns against this democrat administration, you know the end is near!
Innocent people die during war, Putin is guilty of murder, nothing more need be said, except his own people are allowing him to do it.
Star Light
California’s ultra-liberal Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsome — who has presidential aspirations, wants to close another oil refinery in their state after the midterms dropping the number from 9 down to 8. Residents of that state currently pay $2/gallon more for gas than the rest of the country and they don’t have enough energy to keep the lights on! And Newsome says California will be an energy model for the rest of the country … Yikes!
Greg Levengood
Piers Morgan; FOX News’ “The Five” has a poor understanding of free speech in America. The subject was the firing by upper management of an NYT editor for allowing Sen. Tom Cotton to do an op-ed on a military response to BLM riots in 2020, overruling the objections of lower-level “woke” staff to the op-ed. Morgan’s argument was Cotton had a “right” to be published in a privately owned newspaper. No, he didn’t.
So what if President Trump charged the Secret Service five times the allowable government rate at his hotels? They’re his hotels. He can charge what he wants. That’s just business and the point is making money.
Emily L
Kamala Harris, who was the first Democrat to drop out of the 2020 presidential campaign (but not before calling out Joe Biden during a debate for being a lifelong racist), was chosen to be Biden’s running mate only because she’s a non-white female. She’s unarguably unqualified, verifiably unaccomplished, and embarrassingly ineffective. She’s a walking, talking Public Service Announcement for Democrat identity politics.
It’s quite clear that Donald Trump will soon be indicted. The problem the DOJ has is which one of the many crimes this man has committed should be first. To all of you deniers out there, get ready it’s coming. Trump makes Nixon look like a choir boy!
Biden may not be offending feelings with mean tweets, but he certainly offends everybody’s intelligence whenever he opens his mouth.
Mrs. Crabtree
Shell Oil has reported profits of $9.5 billion for the third quarter of 2022 compared to $4.1 billion in the same quarter last year. But don’t be fooled. Joe Biden is still responsible for high gas prices because he’s just so darn irritating. (I don’t make the rules.)
L Carroll
Is there anyone else out there who doubts that the 6-foot, 9-inch shapeless deep-voiced basketball player in the Russian prison was born a female?
The soccer championship is in the Gutter (oops, Qatar, pronounced the same). All those Brits don’t know they can’t drink. (Alas, it is forbidden ). The Italians will change governments after they lose. The Germans wouldn’t dare lose. (Except for the boys from Brazil). And the Americans will get whipped early and often. Even Santa can’t save this train wreck. Two goals are an offensive display! Wake me up when it’s done.
Joe Bunda
Due to the increased cost of gas and the high cost of electric vehicles, legislators voted to allow horses and buggies on interstate highways. The vote by those in attendance — 5 yea – 112 neigh.
Jim Fitch
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