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Montana’s Best Country
Montana is certainly a popular vacation destination.
Every year, millions of folks come to visit our scenic landscapes and participate in what they consider to be the Montana way of life. They buy Montana t-shirts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and fly-fishing equipment.
So what do we search for? If the rest of the world is looking for things to do in Montana, what do Montanans spend their time searching for?
It seems that Montanans aren't that different from everyone else when it comes to Googling tourist destinations. According to Google Keyword Planner and, Montanans' top search for vacation destinations starts with…Montana.
However, while Montanans are looking up one specific destination in the state, the rest of the United States is looking up another.
So what is the number one vacation destination that the rest of the U.S. searches for? That would be Yellowstone National Park. According to the data gathered, over 10 million folks searched for information about Yellowstone National Park.
Long considered America's favorite park, Yellowstone is a popular destination for not only Americans, but for folks from around the world. However, Montanans aren't quite as interested in Yellowstone. Instead, the most searched tourist destination for us is Montana's other National Park; Glacier.
Over 425,000 Montanans searched for information about Glacier National Park. Having said that, the second most searched destinations by Montanas was Yellowstone. What does that say about us? Well, it says that we're just as fascinated with our surroundings as everyone else is.
Plus, any time you can vacation, and your money stays in the state, that's a good thing, right?
Credit:, Google Keyword Planner