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There are so many amazing animals all over the world. The animals listed below all start with the letter g and provide great animals to include in a spelling unit, animal unit, or letter G unit. Kids will love learning about each animal’s unique characteristics, including its average height, weight, and life span. Here are 30 amazing animals that start with G!  
Gorillas are the largest primates reaching upwards of five feet in height and five hundred pounds. They can live for more than thirty years and are known for their strong, stocky bodies, flat noses, and human-like hands. Gorillas are some of the closest related animals to humans.
Learn more: World Wildlife
The gar has a long, cylindrical body and a flat, long nose. Their ancestors appeared on Earth over 240 million years ago. They are native to the United States and can reach ten feet in length. They are known as foraging and predatory fish.
Learn more: Britannica
The gecko is a small lizard seen throughout the world on all continents except Antarctica. They are nocturnal and carnivorous. They are recognizable by their flat heads and brightly colored, stocky bodies. They are also often kept as pets.
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Giraffes are elegant creatures native to Africa. They have hooves, long and thin legs, as well as long extended necks. They reach over fifteen feet in height, making them the tallest land mammal. They can also run fast-  reaching over 35 miles per hour.
Learn more: San Diego Zoo
Geese are well-known water birds. They have wide wing spans, bodies similar to ducks, and are grey, black, and white in color. They live between ten and fifteen years on average; however, some species can live much longer. They are known for their honking sounds.
Learn more: Four Paws International
Guinea pigs are common pets that live between four and eight years. They are very vocal animals that will grunt when hungry, excited, or upset. They are herbivores. Guinea pigs require daily attention and enjoy social interactions with humans and other guinea pigs.
Learn more: Anti Cruelty
The goat is a domesticated animal stemming from wild goats in Asia and Europe. They are kept as farm animals and are used for milk. They can live upwards of fifteen years. They are kind, playful animals that are often kept in petting zoos.
Learn more: National Zoo
The gazelle can reach speeds up to sixty miles per hour. They are a species of antelope, closely related to deer. Although they can’t outrun cheetahs, they are able to outmaneuver them. They are agile and swift animals.
Learn more: Safaris Africana
The Galapagos penguin is native to the Galapagos Islands. Although the islands have a tropical climate, the water is cold, allowing the penguin to live north of the equator. They are relatively small- reaching only four to five pounds in weight and twenty inches in height.
Learn more: Galapagos Conservation Club
The garden eel is a unique creature found in Indo-Pacific waters. They can live thirty to forty years and live in colonies with thousands of members. They eat plankton. A fun fact about garden eels is that they have very good eyesight, allowing them to spot their microscopic food in the water.
Learn more: The Dallas World Aquarium
The Gaboon viper is a poisonous snake found in Africa. The snake’s poison can kill a human in two to four hours after biting. The pattern of the skin on the Gaboon viper mimics that of a fallen leaf, so the snake hides in the leaves of the rainforest to stalk its prey.
Learn more: Los Angeles Zoo
A gerbil is a small rodent that people often keep as a pet. They are social animals that like to play in tunnels and burrow to build their homes. They are native to Africa, India, and Asia.
Learn more: RSPCA
The German pinscher is a dog breed known for its pointed ears and stout body. They are very active, sociable, and intelligent. They originate from schnauzers and can be black or brown in color. German pinschers also make great family dogs.
Learn more: American Kennel Club
Garter snakes are a common, harmless snake native to North America. They live in grassy areas and there are about 35 different species. The snake has many different colorations and skin patterns and grows to a medium size of about two feet in length.
Learn more: Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
The grey seal is found in the Atlantic Ocean. They eat a variety of fish and are brown or grey in appearance, with round heads that appear earless. Grey seals are the rarest of all seal species and are larger than common seals.
Learn more: Fisheries
The gannet is a bird that lives near the ocean. They have large white bodies with yellow heads. They have a large wingspan of up to 2 meters in length and hunt fish with their long, spear-like bill.
Learn more: All About Birds
The giant clam lives up to one hundred years and it can grow to be four feet in width. They also can weigh up to six hundred pounds. They are bottom dwellers and are the largest shellfish on Earth. The giant clam can be found on the Great Barrier Reef.
Learn more: Barrier Reef
Geoffroy’s tamarin is a small monkey native to South America. They only reach about two feet in height and have small faces with black, brown, and white fur. They primarily eat insects, plants, and sap.
Learn more: Canopy Tower
The German shepherd is a dog breed known for its large stature and intelligence. They have stout, muscular bodies and pointed ears. They are typically black and brown in color and were originally bred as herding dogs. The German shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds.
Learn more: Dog Time
The green sturgeon is a fish that lives in the Pacific Ocean. They can live in both fresh water and salt water. They can live up to sixty years and grow to 650 pounds. They have the longest lifespan of freshwater fish!
Learn more: NOAA Fisheries
The grizzly bear is native to North America. They can run thirty five miles per hour even though they weigh up to six hundred pounds. Grizzly bears live from twenty to twenty-five years. They hibernate for two-thirds of the year and they will eat insects, plants, and fish among other things.
Learn more: National Geographic
The golden eagle can fly up to two hundred miles per hour. They have a wingspan of six to seven feet in length and weigh between ten and fifteen pounds. Golden eagles eat reptiles, rodents, and other birds.
Learn more: Peregrine Fund
The gray wolf is native to Europe and Asia and is the largest species of wolf. Gray wolves are endangered. They travel and hunt in packs and can be found in the Rockies and Alaska in the United States. They grow to about one hundred pounds and live between seven and eight years.
Learn more: Defenders
The Gila monster is a large lizard. It is venomous and can be found in the southwestern United States. It can grow to over twenty inches in length and it moves slowly due to its heavy mass. A Gila monster’s bite can cause swelling, burning, dizziness, and other unpleasant symptoms.
Learn more: Aquarium of Pacific
The giant panda is known for its unique black-and-white appearance with black and white fur and black eyes and ears. It is native to China. It is sadly endangered as its habitat continues to decrease as China’s human population increases.
Learn more: Animal Fact Guide
The gibbon is an ape that lives in Indonesia, India, and China. They are endangered because of their dwindling habitats. Gibbons are known for their brown or black bodies with white marking on their small faces. They are tree dwellers that can travel up to thirty-four miles per hour.
Learn more: Leakey Foundation
There are approximately 11,000 different species of grasshoppers. Male grasshoppers emit a sound to attract mates. They live in grass and forest areas. A fun fact about grasshoppers is that their ears are located on the sides of their bodies. 
Learn more: Thought Co.
The greyhound is a dog breed that is tall, thin, and grey in appearance. They are known for their speed, topping out at forty-five miles per hour. They are good family pets with calm and sweet dispositions. Their lifespan is between ten and thirteen years.
Learn more: Hill’s Pet
The ghost crab is a small crab that only reaches about three inches in size. They are predominantly found on sandy shores and are called ghost crabs because they can camouflage themselves to blend in with the white sand.
Learn more: National Park Service
The gerenuk is also known as a giraffe gazelle. They are native to Africa and are known for their unique appearance. They have long, graceful necks, long ears, and almond-shaped eyes. An interesting fact about the gerenuk is that they eat whilst balancing on their hind legs.
Learn more: Denver Zoo
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