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There’s ample green space in Chester County to partake in countless outdoor activities. Main Line Today listed a few of these popular parks and preserves.  
Go Geocaching at Goose Creek Park 
With 12 acres of open space, many venture out this park for geocaching. After trading treasures, geocachers can have a picnic on the pavilion.  
Scientific Sites at Stroud Preserve 
This preserve features an array of grasslands, farmlands and woodlands. It’s also the site for the Stroud Water Research Center which focuses on water restoration. It is also part of the EPA’s National Monitoring Program, which is a network of sites around the country that evaluates land use.  
Ski at Cool Valley Preserve 
Winter is almost here, and that means ski season is approaching! This 33-acre preserve has forest, trails and of course plenty of land for cross-country skiing.  
Explore the Enormous French Creek State Park 
An industrial complex turned nature haven, this 7,730 acre park is the “largest block of contiguous forest between DC and New York City” according to its website. Adventurous park-goers can go camping, biking or fishing in the park’s wetlands, forests and fields.  
Catch Live Music at Anson B. Nixon Park  
This place has it all. Park-goers can choose from an array of sports like basketball or volleyball. The park also offers space for nature-related activities like bird watching and fishing. If guests want to do something more leisurely, they can rent out a pavilion or have a family picnic. The park also hosts free concerts on the lawn over the summers.  
Come Sail Away at Marsh Creek State Park  
This 1,705 acre state park offers an abundance of activities. Paddleboards and sailboats are available for rent. Guests can also ride horses at Hope Springs Farm, go fishing or enjoy a picnic.  
Read more about the numerous parks and preserves Chester County has to offer on Main Line Today.
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