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[00:00:56] In the Entertaiment Report, Matthew Perry’s new memoir becomes the focal point, with it revealing embarrassing make-out sessions, his methods for obtaining pills during the height of his addiction, and his feelings about the deaths of his close friends in Hollywood. Hear about those Perry-centric stories and more in this edition. 
[00:31:29] The Junk Drawer needs to get cleared out. Adult entertainment company CamSoda is providing Philly with 55-gallon drums of lube ahead of the World Series, the MLB merchandise record has been broken by the Phillies, the worst types of candy for your teeth have been determined, robotic engineers unveil the fastest shoes in the world, bird-watching is revealed to be linked to an improved mental wellbeing, a woman on TikTok popularizes a pumpkin-carving hack, and Philly announces that the Christmas Village is returning. 
[01:14:46] The Bizarre File observes the outlandish. An Arkansas motorcyclist carrying a backpack with gasoline is engulfed in flames after being tased, an 8-year-old from Colorado is halfway through his climb of El Capitan Mountain, a woman’s kidney is stolen during a BBL procedure, and a woman who lost both of her arms in a pit bull attack has been arrested on meth charges. 
[01:41:19] The Sharerer…shares a story. Preston coordinated a singing flash mob for his wife’s birthday, creating a heartwarming dining experience for their family. The Connosseur brings you the hottest stories in the food and beverage world. A University of Oxford professor says that giving up cutlery is the secret to enjoying your meal, ordering steamed buns for McDonald’s burgers makes them tastier, and the McRib is going on its “farewell tour.” 
[02:30:18] Akaash Singh stops by the studio ahead of his shows at Helium tonight and tomorrow. He and the gang talk sports in Philly and Texas, Apu from The Simpsons, dating advice, and so much more. 
[03:05:24] The Bizarre File continues. A woman has been arrested for using a pick axe to smash several windows of a home, a trail of Milky Way wrappers leads authorities to robbers, a woman charged for murdering her mother claims she is too good-looking to be arrested, and a man leaves a jail property receipt with his inmate number on it after robbing a person at an ATM. 
[03:24:50] The Hollywood Trash bin gets opened by Steve. In Music News, Matt Sorum of Guns N’ Roses announces the debut album for the supergroup Kings of Chaos, Måneskin debut a new song during a concert in Mexico City, Brian Johnson reveals he was unsure if he was the official, new AC/DC frontman after recording Back In Black, and deluxe editions of The Beatles’ Revolver album have been released. 
[03:44:20] The gang wraps up, with Pierre joining in. 
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