KY Deer Caught Snacking on Porch Pumpkins –

I think doorbell cams are an under-the-radar game changer. So many people–many I know–have them and have quickly gotten to the point where they can't imagine NOT having them. I guess that's the story with EVERY piece of new technology that becomes a regular part of our daily living.
They're kind of creepy, too. I was out with friends a couple of years ago, and they got a notification about someone at their doorstep. They didn't know who it was. It turned out to be harmless; the visitor in question was simply at the wrong house.
But it did cause a little chill to go up my spine. Regardless, I totally get why they've become invaluable to those who have them.
Less alarming, I suppose, would be the appearance of certain creatures making cameos on your porch. And it seems DEER are the ones who hog the spotlight the most.
And I loved how the deer just sort of wandered off after the voice came from out of nowhere–a very HUMAN reaction, if you ask me.
This deer in Michigan decided to play a game of Ding Dong Ditch–much to his or her surprise.
And sometimes, if you're lucky, you get the ENTIRE cast of Bambi. (Where's my autograph book?)
At this time of year, porches everywhere are festooned with pumpkins. And we know how much deer love them; we're always asked to toss used pumpkins into the wild so they can feast on them. But maybe deer don't WANT to wait until you're done with them. This deer, caught on a Kentucky doorbell cam, is where my finger is pointing.
The love that deer have for pumpkins COULD get them into a lot of hot water, to say the least; hunters have used pumpkins to LURE deer.
With deer season upon us, I can ALREADY see a lot of pumpkins being tossed into the backs of trucks. But what do I know? I don't hunt.
Happy post-Halloween, and I hope your pumpkins/jack-o'-lanterns made it through safely.