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Photo Credit: Robert Winkler. File photo. (iStock).

Photo Credit: Robert Winkler. File photo. (iStock).
Hibernation season is quickly approaching, and bears are starting to get creative on ways to secure valuable calories before its too late. 
A video, shared to TikTok by user flgirlinnh, shows a young bear leaping from the deck of a house to get to a tall bird feeder. 
Check out the video below: 
From watching the video, it does not appear that the bear was successful in its attempt, but the situation serves as a great reminder that bird feeders are major bear attractants.
According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Coloradans should not have bird feeders outside from March through the end of November.
“Bird feeders are very likely to become bear feeders, and full bird feeders quickly teach bears that it’s safe to come close to people and homes looking for food. This is dangerous for bears and people alike. Any type of bird feeder (hummingbird, suet and seed) placed on your property, including those on upper levels, create one of the easiest meals a bear can find. A seven-pound bag of birdseed equates to 12,180 calories, which is an easy and valuable meal for a bear,” the CPW website reads. 
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We need more bear hunting licenses out there. They are starving and overcrowded. That’s why they are coming into towns.

I wonder how many ignored the advice not to set out feeders during the bird flu explosion earlier this year? The birds will make sure they get enough to eat without our help. It’s more for our enjoyment than their needs and few Americans are prepared to be denied anything these days! No matter how high or where you hang it, you’re still inviting bears into your yard.
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