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There are many places in Costa Rica for an amazing vacation but these destinations promise the best experience in the country.
Costa Rica is a country endowed with so much to see and do. From exciting surfing to incredibly biodiverse national parks and mind-blowing rainforest resorts, one could spend a lifetime here enjoying it all.
When visiting Costa Rica, however, one needs to know where to begin the adventure. To help with making the itinerary creation process easier, this list presents the best places you can visit on a Costa Rica Vacation.
Corcovado is a world-famous national park that’s known for its incredible biodiversity and its vast area. With an area of 424 square kilometers, this town is the largest in the country.
The park also offers beautiful white sand beaches and an abundance of unspoiled nature.
Within Corcovado National Park, one can see a wide variety of animals some of which include big cats such as Jaguars, sloths, harpy eagles, monkeys, and hummingbirds.
The park is also a haven for a wide variety of adventures from hiking to camping, snorkeling, bird watching, and boating.
Arenal Volcano may now be dormant, but the area remains one of the most adventurous destinations one can visit in Costa Rica. Arenal Volcano provides opportunities for hiking and there are lots of trails here from easy to difficult ones and each hike offers amazing views of the landscape below.
Arenal Volcano National Park also offers other adventures such as bird watching, fishing, and kayaking. The amazing eco-lodges and hotels within the park are also amazing as many are surrounded by lush forests and feature a wide range of amenities and adventures.
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The tiny coastal town of La Fortuna caters to the needs of all types of adventurers which is why it is often referred to as the adventure capital of Costa Rica.
Besides being home to the spectacular Arenal Volcano, this town is also endowed with hot springs, exciting ziplines, Tarzan swings, stunning waterfalls, and lots of rivers that provide the stage for exciting white water rafting.
For an unforgettable day in Costa Rica, begin the day by visiting La Fortuna waterfall then check out then proceed to take a bath in one of the hot springs around Arenal Volcano. Afterward, experience some adventurous zipline adventures and go white water rafting on the Balsa River.
There are many exciting towns one can visit in Costa Rica but the coastal town of Puerto Viejo is perhaps the most adventurous. This town is surrounded by lush forests, an abundance of wildlife, and beaches that offer a wide range of exciting adventures.
The beaches are the most exciting things to enjoy in this town but those visiting will also enjoy hiking, kayaking, biking, and watching wildlife. There are also many great resorts, lodges, restaurants, and bars around the town to keep visitors comfortable.
Costa Rica has lots of national parks and Tortuguero is one of them worth visiting. The park is 77,032 acres large and features fantastic biodiversity and lots of adventures. Tortuguero is home to hiking trails and rivers where one can enjoy kayaking or boating.
The wildlife at Tortuguero is also unique and worth checking out. Besides the abundance of sea turtles here, one can also see monkeys, jaguars, pumas, sloths, and hundreds of bird species.
Many people visit Costa Rica for its numerous rainforest hotels. Still, others visit because of the great surfing and other water sports in the country and Tamarindo is arguably the best destination to get this experience.
Located in Guanacaste Province, this small town is endowed with numerous hotels, shops, and beautiful beaches with amazing surfing waves. Playa Tamarind, one of the top surfing destinations in the world, is located right in this small town of Tamarindo.
Tamarindo also offers the stage for kayaking, swimming, boating, and sport fishing.
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For those who have not experienced the wonders of nature in Costa Rica, this reserve is a must-visit. The reserve is 4,000 acres big and is richly endowed with beautiful rainforests, waterfalls, and picturesque pools.
The amazing cloud forest within the reserve even creates a conducive environment for a wide variety of plants and animals to thrive here. Besides the incredible biodiversity that can be found here, this reserve is also a haven for a lot of adventures including extreme zip lining, hiking, and bird watching.
The reserve also features a hanging bridge where one can walk and see the cloud forest below.
Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Costa Rica due to its dense rainforests and abundance of wildlife. With a total area of 1,983 acres, it is the smallest park in the country but is still a great place to experience a tropical adventure.
Manuel Antonio National Park also features unique rock formations, hiking trails, and several beautiful beaches where people can relax or enjoy some water sports.
Surrounding this park are small towns that offer amazing lodging opportunities and also feature restaurants, bars, and other infrastructure that will make guests enjoy their stay.
Costa Rica is not all about beaches, rainforests, and wildlife. The country is also a great place to enjoy some amazing city life. Santa Teresa is particularly perfect for those seeking this type of experience.
This small town features an abundance of cafés, hotels, and restaurants. Visitors to this town can engage in surfing and horseback riding, and the beaches are also great places to relax and watch the sunset.
There are lots of waterfalls in Costa Rica but Montezuma waterfalls are perhaps the most spectacular. Located just outside the town of Montezuma, the three waterfalls here are magnificent and picturesque.
The largest at the bottom rises to a height of 80 feet while the smallest which is at the top is just 15 feet tall. Between the largest and the smallest waterfall is another waterfall that rises to approximately 40 feet.
The waterfalls feature amazing pools which are great for swimming, and they also offer great opportunities for hiking.
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