The Best and Worst Thing About NJ Couldn't Be More Different –

Seriously, we love the kids but hate the environment.  This ought to be fun.
Listen, there are many reasons why people love New Jersey.
There are also many reasons why people don’t love Garden State.
Good thing is that we’ll focus on both for a minute.  Believe it or not, in the entire country, we are great at one thing.  It’s actually pretty important.
We also do something that is a little, sketchy.
Ok, let's call it what it is, it is really sketchy.
If I were to ask you, “what do you love about this state?”  Would some of the answers include our proximity to New York and/or Philadelphia?  Honestly, that’s a pretty good perk.  We live near two major cities, without having to live in them.
Would it include our beautiful shoreline?
There are many highlights when it comes to our area.
Over the last decade or so, I’ve noticed a major change in our beaches.  The water is cleaner.  The beaches are well maintained.
More contemporary restaurants and businesses are available, not only to our visitors for the season, but the locals have the chance to benefit from this as well.
There’s a lot to love about our immediate area.
If you were asked, ok, name some of the areas that you would want to improve, or better yet, what are some of the characteristics that you may not find appealing?
One would probably say the housing market.  It’s expensive to live here.
If you want to live in a good area, you are paying for it with the housing costs and taxes.
Traffic.  That’s a given.
Nothing compares to this.  According to 24/7 Wall St. there is one thing that makes New Jersey one of the best states.
We take care of our youth and their education.  According to the report, New Jersey spends the most when it comes on Pre-K.  “Over $12,000 per child.”
24/7 Wall Street even noted the worst thing about our state, now, this one was a little bit unsettling.
“The most hazardous waste sites” in the ‘Garden State.’  Yes, you read that correctly.  We are one of the smaller states but we have “114 hazardous waste sites.”  This is apparently more than any other state.
I guess the bright side, it’s not ending up in our water.