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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got a warm New York welcome this weekend when he attended a baseball game at Yankee stadium. In now-viral photos and videos, Cruz got a Bronx welcome when at least three people were caught flipping the bird at him. Cruz was waving at the men when they began showing him how they felt, including a thumbs down and middle finger.
Apparently, Cruz thought walking through a crowd of Yankees supporters was the same as walking through a crowd of bigots who support him. Cruz was at the game to support the Houston Astros against the New York Yankees on Sunday, so it should’ve been expected he’d be treated as such not because of his politics but his attire.
But while he allegedly came to support the Astros and even posted a selfie with “#GoStros” in the caption, Cruz did confuse spectators by cheering for the wrong team. When Astros superstar Jose Altuve struck out, Cruz joined Yankees fans in applause. Guess he was only there for the photo opp.
Regardless he sure had a game to remember, not only was he booed and gestured at, but fans called him out for his actions. In one viral video, a person can be heard calling him a “racist piece of s***,” while in another, a fan said, “Go back to Cancun!”—referencing his infamous move to fly to Mexico for a vacay while his state experienced an intense winter storm that left millions without power and water.
Too bad no one shamed him for the awful COVID-19 haircuts he got. #neverforget
Check out the viral tweets and videos of him being booed below—I for one cannot stop laughing.
This is the most beautiful video you’ll see today: the fine people of New York giving Ted Cruz a warm Yankee welcome 😂

Ted Cruz getting a proper Yankee Stadium welcome tonight

H/t @jessemangelo

Since @tedcruz is here in the Bronx rooting against my Yankees, I figured it would be a good time to share his January 6 text messages with Mark Meadows …

You actually clapped when Altuve struck out. You really do shame Texas.

Ted Cruz going to Yankee Stadium proves his staff really, really, really hates him.
Here’s a clear video of the booing in action:

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