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Bowerbird mimicking the sound of children playing
The calls, songs and relentless chirps of a bird are soothing to ears. Birds use their unique calls to communicate, and sometimes to attract each other. But, do you know that a few species of birds are also the world’s best mimics? These birds can not only mimic other birds but also humans. A new viral video posted on Twitter by Buitengebieden features a Bowerbird and its mimicking skills, and you are sure to get impressed.
The 56-second video shows how a Bowerbird can mimic different species or sounds it has heard elsewhere. The male bowerbird collects sounds and uses these sounds to entice the female bird. From chopping wood, barking dog, children playing or their frustrated parents, the range of Bowerbird’s mimicry is impressive.
Check out the video here: 
Bowerbird mimicking the sound of children playing..

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The video was posted with the caption, “Bowerbird mimicking the sound of children playing.” Posted a few hours ago, the video has also garnered 1.7 million views, 3,162 likes and 538 retweets. Social media users are blown away by the bird’s mimicry skills. A user wrote, Okay, that’s kinda creepy. Cool, but creepy!” Another user wrote, “What a cool and beautiful talent. Nature never ceases to amaze.” “This blows my mind,” the third commented.

These birds can do magic by attempting to mimic all the sounds around them, according to a report by Labroots. They’re best known for copying other bird calls, and they’re so good at doing this that sometimes even non-imposture birds in their general vicinity find themselves confused or fooled.
In addition to copying other birds’ calls, the Bowerbird can be particularly adept at copying artificial noises.
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