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Birders go birding, and die a little inside when non-birders call it “birdwatching.” I only put “birdwatching” in the title because my editor said people wouldn’t understand it otherwise.
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They named her Stella. Admittedly, it’s a pretty cool looking bird.
Bat McLellan
They named him Timberdoodle. Scientists think American woodcocks dance to detect food under the soil. They aren’t super rare in NYC, but so cute.
Spring migration is a frenzy-birds in a hurry northbound in big pushes to stake out territory to breed. Fall migration has a different energy-calmer, quieter, more spread out. Lovely to see the return of this Wood Thrush to Central Park. Welcome back dear friend&safe travels. ?
11:44 AM – 22 Aug 2022
Magic Bush is back in action. Cap May warbler flitting around and snagged a bug as well. #birdcpp #NaturePhotography #birdphotography
01:06 AM – 09 May 2022
Third try is a charm. Lark Sparrow at the compost heap @CentralParkNYC #birdcpp #BirdsSeenIn2022 #birdwatching #birding #BirdTwitter #urbanbirding #fallmigration @inaturalist #BirdsofNYC #fallmigrants #sparrow #larksparrow
02:52 PM – 31 Aug 2022
So fitting that birders use the bird app. Other key apps are Merlin for ID’ing birds and eBird for logging your sightings and seeing others’ sightings, both made by the Cornell Ornithology Lab. On eBird, you can compile your life list, or all the different species you’ve seen in your life, as well as year list, county list, etc. Young birders hang out on Discord.
Instead of sharing same-day owl pics on Twitter and other social media sites, please consider sharing information about owl etiquette instead.
12:35 AM – 11 Jan 2021
I just can’t help myself: I seem to have taken another award winning photograph. (People waiting to see the rare snowy owl in Central Park.)
05:26 PM – 07 Feb 2021
Next level birding today! joining the crowds for a look at a wayward painted bunting. #newBirders #birding #paintedBunting #greatFallsNP
12:57 AM – 03 Jan 2021
Good morning!!! Handsome vs Handsome! ? I’m at Turtle Pond in Central Park&2 Male Wood Ducks, the original hot duck are here: one w/a black beak&one w/a red beak. Both are sleeping now, don’t be like Birding Bob&blast calls at them to agitate them wake them up for no reason.
01:02 PM – 04 Jun 2021
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Is it just me or are these reCAPTCHAs getting way harder? ?#birds #birding #birdwatching #BirdTwitter #warbler
11:41 PM – 20 Jul 2022
Who would look at this bird and decide to name it red-BELLIED? OK, so the belly has a tiny reddish section, but who could honestly see that in the field? Ring-necked ducks have a ring around their…bill. And, neither Tennessee warblers nor Nashville warblers hang out in Tennessee (except when migrating through).
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Gulls identification is tricky: Many species are similar and the plumage changes pretty dramatically over the first few years of bird’s life: Here’s some help via @JohnMuirLaws https://t.co/gh0NaalwWA
04:56 AM – 07 Mar 2022
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Apparently, Pileated Woodpeckers exist in Qarth (in Essos). (listen for the bird call about 7 seconds in)#GameofThrones #PileatedWoodpecker
01:27 AM – 27 Jan 2020
The “eagle cry” you think of from movies and TV is not made by an eagle at all! It’s a red tailed hawk cry 99% of the time! https://t.co/WlxQGUGdx1
07:02 PM – 04 Jul 2019
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My kid uses this pair of binoculars for $145 which is light and versatile. My husband prefers this pair of binoculars for $225. Have fun!
Sierra Taliaferro is an outdoor educator and birder who is raising awareness about important environmental issues within her community.
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Complete with Dolly Parton themed decor and complimentary cowboy hats this getaway to music city has everything
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