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Sue Bird has been to the Storm as drizzle is to Seattle. The legendary point guard is synonymous with Seattle sports and after 21 years and four championships, she ends her career as quite possibly the greatest athlete the city has ever had.
Fans have grown up with Sue. They’ve laughed with Sue, cheered with Sue and even cried with Sue — as we all witnessed her tearful farewell after the Storm were ousted by the Aces in the semifinals.
The emotions have subsided — slightly — but the memories will last forever. We asked what Sue means to you. Here’s a selection of the responses we got.
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“Bringing 4 championships to the Storm and the city of Seattle is awesome. But, with Sue, she’s been a phenomenal leader, advocate for others, change maker and is one of the nice people you’ll meet. I feel fortunate to have watched her play so many games.”
-Missy Bequette
“I’ve watched every game Sue played for the Storm, but Game 5 of the 2018 semifinals playoffs against Phoenix was the best. Bird made 5 of 6 shots in the final 6 minutes as Seattle overcame an 11-point first-half deficit to advance to the Finals & win our third 3rd championship!”
-Jody Huntington
“She has been the epitome of team basketball which is why I watch the WNBA. The stars like Diana, Lauren, Lisa, Candice, Maya, Sylvia etc may get the MVP but every year Sue has been my MVP.”
-Jim Duncan
“Over 2 decades ago, my 9yr old son and I, cheered on Sue Bird during the twilight of her college career. Full circle, that little boy, Seth Dahle, is the graphic artist that brought Climate Pledge to life with the dynamic graphics of Sue’s storied career. I cried twice on Sunday.”
-Kathleen Dahle
“As a big Sue Bird fan living in Singapore, really far away from America, being able to watch her live games in Climate Pledge Arena early this season was an experience I’ll never forget. And I was given the opportunity to meet her before one of the games. Surreal experience!”
-Melissa Lim
“Congratulations Sue Bird! You established the Seattle Storm as a leading WNBA team and helped to legitimize women’s professional basketball.”
-Melissa Vynne
“She has been a Seattle icon like Lauren Jackson and yes sad they have to say goodbye but we can say Thank you and Mahalo for making us enjoy the sport of Seattle Storm basketball!! WE have been in Seattle since 1984 from Hawaii due to Navy orders to Bangor Washington.”
-Joseph Kaeo Ho
“Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson were an amazing duo. Right place right time for Seattle Sports fans. Thank you for sticking with our great city for your entire career.”
-Sue Doty
“Hearing how she spend the summer with Stewie and Loyd so they could jell as a team. Who else would do that? What about the over the head backward pass to Howie in July of 2018? What a career.”
-Catherine Nichols
“I’m UCONN class ’93. The early 2000 UCONN teams with Bird, Cash, Williams and Jones are my absolute favorites. I moved to Seattle in 1998 and watched Sue play against UW in Seattle in 2000. I was overjoyed when the Storm drafted Sue Bird! “
“I moved to Seattle in 2004 and attended the 2004 championship game in the rafters of KeyArena-that’s my 1st memorable game. I remember so many games that turned on: 1. Her making a key 3 pointer often in the last minutes of the 4th. 2. Making a steal. 3. Making an assist.”
-Gail Yates
“Some of the happiest days in my life have been cheering Seattle Storm! Usually cheered Bigs, LJ’s, Stewie’s, Ezi etc. Sue w/dedication, values, leadership, work ethic, etc. She had vision, temperament, unselfishly dishing the rock! Bought Sue’s rebel jersey, felt right!”
-Angie Moore
“Women are just as talented and enjoyable to watch as men’s sports! She is such a class act and great rep for the Storm and WNBA. I love watching her play, but also how she is directing the others on the floor! She is so modest about her achievements and such an example for girls!”
-Vicky Gannon
“Her work ethic says it all. I hope all the fans know how hard it is behind the scenes to take care of business. From eating the right nutrients for her body. To sleeping. Film study and working out with weights or her body weight. Let’s not forget the mental side of it all too.”
-Aranza Santana
“I’ve been attending basketball games for 70 years. Sue’s 4Q takeover of Game 5 vs Phoenix in 2018 was the best individual performance I’ve ever seen in person. She simply refused to lose.”
-Herb Cook
“I moved to Seattle in 2004. Having lost our professional women’s team, the Miami Sol, I was thrilled to be able to get season tickets to the Seattle Storm. Sue Bird and team became my passion! Watching all 4 Championships with Sue Bird at the helm of players was the BEST!”
-ST Katz Monet
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