Larry Bird Told The Emotional Story Of How His Dad Walked From Home During The Game To Watch Him Break The High School County Record: "We Didn't Have No Car But He Walked Over. I Ended Up With 54 Points." – Fadeaway World

Credit: RVR Photos/USA Today Sports
Perhaps every parent at some point in time dreams of having their child become the next greatest player in whatever sport they love. Sports capture the imagination of millions, and the best of the best are exalted as heroes, so it's no surprise that parents want this for their children. And if someone happened to have a son with the talents of Larry Bird, they would probably be supremely invested in following their child's career.
That was not the case, however, for the man himself. Larry was born in Indiana to Joe and Georgia Bird, growing up in the small town of French Lick. His father, a veteran of the Korean War, couldn't exactly provide Bird and his siblings with a luxurious upbringing; they grew up quite poor. 
This informed how Larry was even after he made it to superstar status in the NBA. And there were quite a few family troubles during Larry's childhood with his parents as well. However, Bird was on track to become one of the best players ever and it showed at times in his school days.
As revealed by Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe, Larry Legend once told him the story of how he was on the verge of breaking a high school record. Joe Bird, who was not in attendance, had to be called in, and it shows the circumstances Larry grew up in that without a car, his father had to walk to the game. 
“Same with us,” he said. “There was one night when I had a helluva game going. I had 30-something points in the first half and people were thinking I was going to break the Orange County record. My dad was at home. He didn’t go to many games. Well, my uncle called him at halftime and said, ‘You’d better get down here. Your boy is going to do it tonight.’ We didn’t have no car, but he walked over. I ended up with 54 points and 38 rebounds.”
Watching your son break a record is one of those moments that surely becomes the highlight of any person's life. That Bird's father wasn't already at the game is interesting, it's clear to see that Larry came up differently than a lot of the other prospects. But his life's story made him who he eventually became, so it goes to show that talent and hard work are a combo that cannot be beaten.