Indiana Security Camera Helps Prove It's the Squirrel's Fault [FUNNY VIDEO] –

Squirrels can be so darn cute. Where I live, there is a park where you can hand feed the squirrels shelled peanuts. They get so close, that it melts your heart.
Even though squirrels can be so adorable, they can become an annoyance if you like to have bird feeders in your yard. They are cunning little critters that can get to a bird feeder no matter what obstacles you put in their way.
My mom used to get so mad that she would fill all her bird feeders and in a few hours, they would be empty because as soon as she went in the house, the squirrels would eat every single seed. Sometimes she would catch them out the window working together, I thought is was funny, but she didn't see the humor.
I think that's why I loved this video so much.
You can see that something is going on with the car and it's going to take a look under the hood. It happened in Hudson, IN, and what they found is too funny.


[Viral Hog via Rumble]