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FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Volunteers are taking the day off from the office to help give back to nature in Lindenwood Park.
More than 200 volunteers across the F-M area are trying to improve the region’s drinking water quality, encourage plant growth and increase opportunities for fishing, bird watching and picnics.
“Kinda fun seeing people come in and, you know, we work with trees all the time, so, for us, it’s just another day. But you see people that really aren’t used to doing this. They get to get out of the office and actually be outside in the sunshine working outside. You see a lot of people smiling like, ‘Oh, I’m so happy, I get to be out of the office.’ I kind of take that for granted because everyday I’m outside,” City of Fargo Arborist John Kalenze said.
They’re planting more than 2,000 saplings and 400 bigger trees in seven hours.
“This area is right next to the Red River, so planting these trees will be beneficial having all of these roots right next to the river will help hold the banks together, help with stormwater pollution, help with soil erosion as well as be beneficial to wildlife and for people to enjoy right next to the river,” River Keepers Project Coordinator Kim Radebaugh said.
Radebaugh says it’s a fun day for everyone at the park where people get to showcase their passion for nature and the value of learning something new.
“It helps just from an education standpoint. We can talk to people, just when we’re working on the streets doing our normal tree work, a lot of people don’t understand a lot of the stuff we do or kinda how a tree grows. Right here, it’s a nice start. You can tell them, ‘the roots of some should look like this, it does this. The watering, you should be doing this with it.’ Like I said, it’s a good opportunity just to help teach everyday people that don’t really work with trees all that much,” Kalenze said.
The reforesting at Lindenwood Park comes after the Fargo Park District removed 82 trees from the park in February 2021.
It was part of a $1.5 million project to rebuild the park’s main road.

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