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Screen Rant presents a clip from Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory, in which the NatGeo explorer encounters chinstrap penguins & fur seals.
Screen Rant is proud to present an exclusive clip from Disney+'s upcoming six-part original series, Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory. The 28-year-old National Geographic explorer invites viewers to join his journey as he and his team capture animal stories in harsh environments utilizing cutting-edge technology. Premiering on September 8 as part of Disney+ Day, the fun new project breaks the mold of traditional natural history programming, in large part thanks to Bertie Gregory's youth and sense of adventure.
As a BAFTA Award-winning cinematographer, Bertie is well-equipped to immerse himself in the habitats of various animals and capture their lives unfolding before the camera. Over the course of six episodes, viewers will witness as the brave explorer and his crew make their way through icy Antarctica in search of whales and visit the buffalo-hunting lions of Zambia. In this multipart adventure series, he will take audiences on an ambitious odyssey across the globe, showcasing the natural world at a time when it faces its greatest challenges.
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In Screen Rant's exclusive clip from Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory, provided by National Geographic, Bertie introduces the audience to chinstrap penguins. While they get their name from the black marking under their chin, they are also sometimes known as stonebreaker penguins thanks to their excitable scream. As he shares facts about their daily life, the camera pans to the thousands of birds preparing to jump into the water in search of their food. Watch the full clip below:
As Bertie Gregory sets up on the shoreline, he must also keep an eye on the Antarctic fur seals that have been gathering nearby. These seals are unused to human contact and know no predators on land, which means they have no qualms about hopping over and attempting to make a new companion into their chew toy. Thankfully, Bertie is easily able to warn one off and watch as it happily skips past him and into the water.
This behind-the-scenes look at wildlife promises to mix Indiana Jones with David Attenborough, allowing viewers to feel the rush of adventure even as they appreciate the education they are receiving. Other locations and animals encountered in Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory include hammerhead sharks in Costa Rica, along with a crocodile-infested forest, and a dolphin-feeding frenzy off the Cocos Islands in Central America. There's plenty more where those came from, but nature lovers will have to tune in to see for themselves.
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Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory premieres September 8 on Disney+.
Source: National Geographic
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