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The annual Witches Paddle will take place in Morro Bay on October 22, 2022.
Morro Bay, an iconic seaside California destination known for its ancient volcanic monolith known as Morro Rock just off the shore, returns with their most popular events and seasonal activities for the fall season. The walkable town has an active seaside fishing village and bustling waterfront Embarcadero filled with shops, art galleries and restaurants, and this season, visitors can experience all Morro Bay has to offer for an Autumn getaway.
Morro Bay’s upcoming fall events and activities include:

*Insider tip: Morro Bay Avocados are premium hass avocados and are available beginning the first of September and into November. Morro Bay Avocados are grown in the northernmost avocado growing region in California, making Morro Bay Avocados the last avocados harvested at the end of the California avocado season. Shanley Farms, an avocado farm in Morro Bay, grows premium hass avocados with coffee beans in the shade of the trees, and dragonfruit along the scaffolding of trees in a technique known as layered farming.

*Insider tip: If you’re looking for a quick bite, pop into Giovanni’s Fish Market for some of the freshest locally caught seafood in Morro Bay.

*Insider tip: The Morro Bay Maritime Museum is the perfect place to bring your family and learn more about Morry Bay’s history. Come see the Historic tug Alma and learn about an event that brought WWII to our shores, or walk around the DSRV Avalon, one of only two cold-war era rescue submarines developed by the US Navy.)

*Insider tip: Paddleboarding and kayaking is enjoyed year-round in Morro Bay, but in the fall, the bay offers unparalleled conditions for paddling. It is also home to many plants and animals to discover, just be sure to give the animals enough space so as not to disturb them. You can rent paddleboards and kayaks from a variety of places, including Estero Adventure, Kayak Shack, Morro Bay Paddlesports, and Sub Sea Tours.

*Insider tip: Not into a full triathlon? Morry Bay has many outdoor activities to offer the casual adventurist, including hiking and trail running with several trails to choose from, and mountain biking with accessible trails within 10 miles of Morro Bay.
From oceanside golf, kayaking, sailing, hiking, fishing, surfing, biking, and bird watching, to kite flying, shopping, dining, wine bars, local craft breweries and miles of unspoiled beaches, outdoor and culinary adventures are second to none in Morro Bay.
Located just minutes from world-renowned Hearst Castle, historic missions, breathtaking Montana de Oro State Park, and surrounded by vineyards from Paso Robles to Edna Valley, Morro Bay is a destination designed to fit any style and budget for families, couples or groups. Morro Bay also offers a myriad of year-round events including food, wine and music festivals, art fairs and car shows unique to the town.
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