Lansing's Potter Park Zoo Welcomes Endangered Red Panda Cub to Family –

How lucky are we to have not one, but two amazing zoos such a short drive from Flint? One of those, Potter Park Zoo, has a brand new very adorable reason for you to head to Lansing for a visit.
The zoo, founded in 1920, announced on its website that they welcome a new red panda cub to the zoo family. The cub was born on July 21, 2022, to mom Maliha’s dad Deagan-Reid. The birth is significant as red pandas are on the endangered species list.
It's estimated that there are fewer than 10,000 in the wild with the biggest threat to the animal being poaching and loss of habitat. Potter Park Zoo states there are fewer than 205 red pandas in Association of Zoos and Aquariums institutions, so this is a milestone.
This was the second cub born to Maliha, and mom and baby are doing just fine.
“Maliha is doing great, she’s an experienced mother and has been excellent with the newborn,” said Annie Marcum, carnivore area lead keeper. “The cub is actively nursing and growing at a healthy rate”.
Animal Care Supervisor, Pat Fountain, commented on the significance of the birth saying,
 “We’re fortunate to have another successful red panda birth. Having two successful litters back-to-back is a testament to the hard work, planning, and teamwork at the zoo. Introducing another red panda cub to the SSP is crucial for the species moving forward, we’re glad to be a part of the solution”.
For now mom and baby will spend time away from zoo guests, but proud papa Deagan-Reid will still be available to visit. Zoo staff will continue to post updates and pictures of the new cub on their website. 
Check out the baby's first minutes below.