Remote Wisconsin Trail Leads To Tiny Private Beach –

We like to make fun of our friends from north of the Cheddar Curtain, but there's no denying the natural beauty that Wisconsin holds.
The Dairy State seems to get more and more beautiful the farther north you travel. You begin to leave the "Midwest" and start to enter the "Great North." Nature is apparent and forcefully in your face everywhere you look.
If you get far enough north, you'll find the small unincorporated town of Star Lake. Star Lake used to be a bustling logging town with a railroad running through it. Today it is best known for the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest, home of the Star Lake Nature Trail. 
The trail is only 2.5 miles long, but you might want to consider blocking off the whole day to explore. The towering pines rise up all around you as you venture into the woods.
The trail is very well kept with boardwalks helping hikers across especially difficult terrain. Use caution in wet weather.
Views of the meandering Star River that flows through the park, pop up all along the trail. You'll want to take some pictures.
You might run into some wildlife.
And this is where you'll want to sit down and chow down on the lunch you packed for the trip on this tiny beach. Look how cute it is!
You probably hadn't heard about The Star Lake Trail until you opened this post. Now's the time to go enjoy it.