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NOGI, Tochigi — A cuddly owl chick at a shrine in this east Japan town is attracting photography enthusiasts.
Nogi Shrine in the town of Nogi, Tochigi Prefecture, is known as a place where visitors can observe owls raising their chicks. Owls began to inhabit a burrow in a Japanese zelkova tree at the shrine about 30 years ago, and a chick has been confirmed hatched inside it for the first time in two years.
The white-feathered chick peeked its head out of the burrow nest on May 13, and observers say it began to move among the tree branches in the predawn hours three days later. It is now roughly 25 centimeters long.
A shrine representative said, “The owl is our town’s symbolic species, which has also been designated as the ‘town bird.’ We’d like to keep watching over how the birds live in nature.”
To prevent causing the owls stress, the shrine halts photo shoots and owl-watching at 6 p.m.
(Japanese original by Daisuke Wada, Photo Group)
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