Christian Cooper, the bird-watching Black man falsely accused by a Karen, gets a birding show on National Geographic. – The Morning News

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Photographs of blooming cherry blossoms and wisteria in Japan
Lots of springtime purple and pink in recent work from photographer Ryo Tajima
A post shared by Ryo Tajima (@ryovu)
A post shared by Ryo Tajima (@ryovu)
A post shared by Ryo Tajima (@ryovu)
A post shared by Ryo Tajima (@ryovu)
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All in all, the ride was bumpy (especially during the part where we ran over a man’s body), it was crowded, and we ended up miles from our intended destination. I give this trolley one star. 
A review from a passenger stuck on the trolley ride of philosophy’s trolley problem.
How to make a museum-worthy diorama of Yellowstone National Park's Morning Glory Pool.
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A soothing animated short by the Six N. Five design studio follows orbs as they illuminate and transform landscapes.
Florida faces so many human-created ecological emergencies that an exhaustive list would fill a phone book: manatee die-off, Florida panther habitat fragmentation, phosphate mining runoff polluting bays, forever chemicals in our water, red tide and algae blooms accelerated by pollution, and more. 
Jeff VanderMeer: Living in Florida right now is a vision of a future that’s alternately purgatory, heaven, and hell.

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