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Few things, if any, are more peaceful to watch than a round of golf at Augusta National – specifically, The Masters on CBS.
The broadcast is always picturesque, with the golf course as green as can be and birds chirping all over the place.
Are the bird chirps real or fake, though?
Some fans believe the “fake bird noise” conspiracy.
The Masters fake birds seem extra loud today
— Stuckey (@Stuckey2) April 10, 2022

Conspiracy: masters pumps in bird noises
— papril (@Patrick_Star17) April 8, 2022

the same loud bird can’t be at every hole of the masters right?
— Matthew Coller (@MatthewColler) April 10, 2022 actually delved into the conspiracy theory a couple of years ago, asking a professor if the bird noises were real or fake:
To find out, I contacted the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which forwarded my request to the lab’s director, John Fitzpatrick. I will confess that I didn’t realize that Fitzpatrick would be as good a source as he turned out to be. When we got on the phone, he told me he hasn’t missed a Masters in more than 30 years; our call briefly interrupted the satellite radio coverage of the tournament he’d been listening to in his car.
“I will confess that when I watch golf on TV, I keep a list of the birds that I see and hear,” Fitzpatrick told me. Years ago, he said, he was watching a golf tournament and noticed some peculiar sounds. “The broadcast was I think from Kentucky [note: it was likely the 2000 PGA Championship, which I referred to above] and I was hearing birds … like white-throated sparrow that don’t exist in Kentucky in the summertime. That’s when I had my first a-ha! moment. There’s some cheating going on here.”
Perhaps we’ll never know for sure.
The final round of The Masters is airing on CBS.

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